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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog Sitting ...aka... Throw the ball, Throw the ball, Throw the ball..

While Tamis and her family were in lovely LakeTahoe..during our record breaking 100 plus degree weather, we were Dog Watching..

It became obvious that it would be less stressful on her two dogs, and my three...if we just went to her house ...a lot... and took care of Remo and Tessa there.

This meant wearing the dogs out and then coming back later to wear them out some more. Wiht these dogs, that is not to hard to do!

Oh.. is that your ball you want me to throw for you????

Can you tell what Remo's favorite thing in the whole world is???? He is obsessed with chasing the many labs are.

Tessa is happy chasing Remo, and trying to get the ball and make him chase her with it.

Remo has a second favorite thing to do...

Yep.. he is either chasing the ball, or cooling off in his own little tub, usually with his ball floating in the water with him!


  1. LOL! That last photo of Remo in the bucket just makes me grin HUGE.


  2. Dogs are the same all over. Throw the ball until they can't stand it anymore then find some place quick to cool off. I like the dog bath idea. He has a lot of personality.

  3. I laughed looking at these pictures. Our daughter comes & stays with us bringing her lab pup of 1 year. This guy whole world revolves around a tennis ball and throwing it for him..non stop!

  4. I love that last picture! Linda in WA

  5. Oh my goodness! Seeing Remo in his tub is hilarious!
    I use to have a Shepherd/Lab mix that was obsessed with tennis balls! That dog could chase balls for days, nonstop! Secretly, I am kinda glad my Aussie's aren't obsessed with balls!

  6. Those labs never tire of playing "catch"!!! The tub photo is a joy to see!

  7. We have a lab too - & you can just THINK the word ball & she's there!!!! What is the deal with a Lab's obsession with that!

    That picture of the dust flying up is great!

    And what a cozy little spa your fur-baby has with the tub of water! :)

  8. That picture of Remo in the tub is priceless. What a good grandmama you are to those two pups.

  9. haha! that last pic is just too funny... i love it!!

  10. I really like the picture of him in the tub...too cool!! I often think it would be neat to have a dog, but we have goats now, and I don't think I could handle both!!


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