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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An old Pony and his Girls go for a ride in the arena...

Can you believe this 37 year old pony, with Cushings (think of horsey Diabetes)
who has been badly foundered ( which is a very bad thing), who appears sound without shoes (no limping or favoring)...
is out for a ride with his girls!

Here is Buddy (lovingly referred to as the Antique Pony), taking the girls for a walk around the arena. Or I guess you could say they are taking each other for a walk in the arena!

This is the first time in the two years we have had Buddy, that we put our pony saddle on him, he looks quite handsome I think!

The girls have ridden him with a bareback pad in the past. He was having so many issues for such a long time, I honestly thought he would never be ridden again, let alone saddled up, this is amazing!

We bridled him with a horse size bridle (he is a large pony, not a Shetland) , which fit him fine. The girls took turns leading each other around the arena. It was such a wonderful thing to see.

I was very proud of all of them!

We recently found a site called which has so much information on diet and managing Cushings. Since we made some changes in his diet, he has improved dramatically in so many ways.

Our farrier was shocked at how well he is doing, when he came to trim his feet 2 weeks ago. He told us he did not expect him to even be here, as he could barely stand on his feet in order to be trimmed just 5 weeks previously.

In fact, the pony was making such a ruckus back in his stall banging on his door (as if to say..hello, will someone feed me!!!), my farrier asked if we had a stallion back there!


  1. Beautiful photos and what a nice story. Thank you for visiting me.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. wow thats is so incredible

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  3. Aww, that's such a heartwarming atory about Buddy and his girls. I bet he's enjoying feeling useful carrying his precious cargo up on his back, too.
    I admire you for taking such good care of him and all his health issues.


  4. Did your horse eat too much of some kind of food to bring on it being foundered. My father-in-law had a horse get into the feed and ate too much. It almost didn't survive,, and it messed up it's legs the last few years that it lived. That is an old horse but looks good.

  5. jan that is awesome! thank heavens for the internet! such a great tool. antique pony is so sweet and the exercise probably helps his spirits. jessie does the same, lets little kids ride her...horses are so special! ;)

  6. I am always thrilled to see older gentleman being used...they love to have a job at that age instead of being chucked out in a pasture as an ornament. I admire you for sticking with him after a long founder coupled with the Cushings...very hard to correct. He certainly looks happy taking care of his girls! Kudos to Buddy for a job well done!

  7. Great story and pics of the old pony!

    You have an interesting blog.


  8. Beautiful pics and I learn something new every day!

  9. HI!!!
    So glad you popped over to visit my blogland today!!!
    I love seeing other new blogs as well!!!
    My sister lives in the great green state of Wash, I live here where it is dry and a bit of a desert, are U kidding!!!! But up north 2 hours away it is green and a forest so beautiful you have to say AWW!!!!!!!
    So stop by again and I'll do the same!!!!

  10. It's wonderful that you found the information you needed in time. What a happy story.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog!

  11. He is beautiful~happy to hear he's doing better.
    Linda here in western Washington

  12. You have a gift and Antique Pony is one lucky old gent!

  13. Awwww! What an awesome story about Buddy and his girls - that's great he's improved greatly and is able to be ridden by the girls, now - I bet he and they are happy about that! So cool that you take such good care of him. He's a pretty pony!

  14. great news....and I bet he really loves those girl kisses!!!


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