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Friday, August 7, 2009

VGNO ..August evening

Oh my, it is time for the ladies of the night to party... no not THOSE ladies!!!

Happy VGNO to all those wonderful ladies that have found their way to Ann's, at
Ann Again and Again...toast to one and all!


  1. My hubby just got me a new camera last month. Canon rebel ti1. I love it and I have recently started "seriously" taking pictures and started my own business. It's off to a slow start but I'm hoping it will pick up. Good luck with yours, I agree there is so much to learn!

    Http:// is my special blog for my business.

  2. Happy VGNO, Jan!!

    I'm thinking about getting the Nikon D5000 - apparently it's a good choice, eh? ;)

  3. i'll picture a chardonnay :)

    Sit down and ride

  4. Stopping by late... hope you had a nice VGNO!


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