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Friday, August 14, 2009

Virtual Girls Night Out..It's my (Birthday)Party and I'll cry if I want to...cuz I am OLD!!!

I am not going to let the number of candles that should be on my cake get me down, as it is VGNO...which means Ann over at Ann Again and Again has agreed to again, have us all to her house and party with her..virtually!

And since it really is my Birthday today I will have one of those Birthday Tequila Sunrises Ann had suggested!

Here is tonight's game, and since the high school year options did not include my year of entering high school, I created my own answers!

Dear Diary,

My best friend Sue and I went shopping for tight jeans. We wanted to show them off when we went to hang out at the Lake Hills roller rink when Paul Revere and the Raiders were playing. You won't BELIEVE who we saw at the store! Elvis! We screamed so loud they had to call Security. It was the best day ever!

Ok.. now go visit at Ann's and party on my dear girlfriends!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Happy VGNO! :)

    Heh, uncle's absolute favorite artist! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm thinking your story sounds like my mom's....throw some Beach Boys in & it would be a close call! :)

    Happy VGNO along with you Bday! :)

  3. JulieChats is right, it really would of been the Beach Boys!

  4. Nah, a good Elvis sighting trumps the Beach Boys any the Beatles, that's a whole other kettle of fish!
    Happy birthday, I'm pretty sure the number of candles on my cake would outnumber yours! I have an early posting of the Texas Two Step just for you as a birthday present from me!
    Fly high this weekend and enjoy every something crazy...go get a tatoo!

  5. I like how you made it fit! Happy Birthday and Happy VGNO!

    Have a great time celebrating.

  6. Well happy Birthday and happy VGNO. Have a wonderful weekend, I'm headed over to your other blog to check out some of your photos. I'm a photography nut, I love taking and looking at pictures.

    I also have another blog just for my pictures

  7. Sending big huge happy birthday hugs your way! Happy VGNO =)

  8. Happy Birthday to YOU!! I hope your day was great!! Happy VGNO :)

  9. Perfect!

    I very Happy Birthday to you! Hope this year is your best. ~HUGS~

    Happy VGNO!

  10. Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was a great one! Here's to a great year - cheers! :-)

  11. Happy Birthday, Jan, Hope you have spend a great day! Dropped in of the wonderful Day in life blog...

  12. thanks for your kind comment on my blog (a corgi in Southern California) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! wishing you a fantastic next year of life!


  13. Hey! Elvis only does weddings...not birthdays! lol!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Happy very BELATED birthday, not sure how I missed you on VGNO! I hope you had a great day!

    (Oh, I know why now, I was having trouble with blogs that have word verification and comments that are embedded in the post!)


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