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Monday, August 3, 2009

Things You see when on a Roadtrip...

With my new camera, nothing is off limits as material to shoot, even at 70-80 miles an hour!

In farm country.. well you must be able to move those large sprinkler systems.. I think they looked very art like on the truck!

Come on.. is this not cool or what?

Who would think a truckload of cardboard would have art appeal, well I did :)

And these giant tires, I could not pass this picture up!

The other half enjoyed seeing this "Pinto" race car in tow...just staring us down as we were behind it.

And when we RV'd we would put our bike, on the back.. but in Orchard Country, you may need a ladder when you decide to pick some apples..

And when your Hydroplane breaks have got to get it home somehow from the races on the Columbia River.. I wish I had seen it sooner, that would of been a great shot!

And I had to show you this one...


  1. Hey Jan! Love the photos! Glad to see you got yourself a new camera. I almost got the 5000 but opted for the d90 instead. I love it. Hope to see more photosf! BTW I love the helmet!

  2. Great post...can't believe you saw all that~!

  3. Hahaha, I feel like I've been on a road trip! Thanks for the tour! Lots of great pictures.

  4. Sounds like you are lovin' your new camera! You remind me of my sis, get a new camera and take pictures of everything and anything! I love it!

  5. Well you definitely found a way to make the ride more enjoyable!!! Great pictures!!

  6. beautiful shots.. and i like that last one.. very unique helmet.. lol!!

  7. So what kind of camera did you get? I haven't been very happy with mine lately. The photos are great. The first four do look very artsy.


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