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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Things you were not expecting to see in this Leavenworth

Yep...the bikers seem to like this quaint little town as well!

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  1. Very cool. It looks like a really neat town. I like the structure of the buildings.

  2. very interesting... i like that middle pic!

  3. Everyone likes a small town...especially a neat one like that one. Interesting tats!

  4. Was there a convention or something? Great pics!

  5. Colleen.. yes, this is such a cool little town!

    Randi.. I asked this guy if I could take a pic of his tattoos.. he started to take his shirt off!

    Alicia.. you bet this is a cool fun little town.. we are talking about retiring here!

    ETW.. no convention, it is always this crazy!

  6. your area is filled with really neat things to visit! i am impressed! wish it wasn't so far. byw, happy bday. been busy so couldn't comment earlier. loved what you advised. so very true and good to read. you look young and i have no clue how old you are so maybe you are like your grannie who had a beautiful complexion! ;)

  7. Great picture! Love that flag jacket.


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