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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jan's unexpected find!

Have you ever been going about your business, staying out of the stores, avoiding looking at things that you know will tempt you as they scream "look at Me, Look at ME!" I was doing just that. I had a long list of things to do Saturday.. spending money on non necessary items was not on my list.

On my way to Brea's house, I about got whiplash as my little green Saab veered to the right, following an Estate Sale sign. I am sorry, to say (or am I?), I gave in to the moment and went along for the ride.

OK, so this Estate Sale was being run by one of those outfits that comes in and marks the prices on everything, and of course is cash only. That's OK, I was not planning on buying anything, I thought I would just take a quick look, and tell Brea (my daughter) if I saw anything she may be interested in..

That was until I saw this Welsh Cupboard (or early 1900 version of the same). Oh man, not that, of all things, not that. I have wanted one of these for 40 years...yes I said 40 years!

Well, as I looked at the price on it, I thought not to worry, I don't have that much money on me.. and I couldn't afford it, if I did.

This is because with the economy as it is..and my husband being a small business owner who is just trying to keep the doors open and the employee's paid as well as the bills.. we are concentrating on just making it through this economic period. You know, pay off our bills, not create new bills, and live the Dave Ramsey motto, to "live like no one else, so someday we can live like no one else!"

I left, putting the thought of the hutch I have always wanted behind me.. and visited Brea and family, sharing with her the "find".

From her house I was going to go to work to put in some overtime.. so why not just take another peak, just for the fun of it. I know.. you know.. the rest is history!

I was looking at the hutch again, and the estate lady came over to see if I had any questions. I asked what she expected the price of the hutch would be tomorrow, if it was still here. She asked how much I would pay.. I offered her what I had on me..which was much less than she had it priced, and next thing you know.. I bought my little antique oak hutch that I have always wanted for 40 years.

I must say, it goes very well with my antique kitchen queen, and other old oak treasures I have picked up over the years, and I mean over many years..what do you think? I think it is lovely!

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  1. What a beautiful find! I would love to find something like that someday =)


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