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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Country Temptations

The nice thing about being in the country, and having livestock, is the Feed Store's.

For some folks going to Nordstrom's can be alluring, for others the feed store can also be tempting...

OK, does that kind of surprise you? Have you considered: gates, fencing, medication for dogs, cattle, horses, chickens, dog food and dog toys, horse toys, new saddles, halters, lead ropes, bits, headstalls, horse blankets, sheets, riding pads, saddle blankets, sometimes chicks and ducks and goats... and oh yes...more kinds of feed than you can think of.

How many hay choices, well let's see!

Week of May 18, 2009

Alfalfa 2nd Cutting, 2-tie

Alfalfa 3rd Cutting, 2-tie
$15.95/bale Volume discount: $15.50/19 or more

Orchard Grass 1st Cutting, 2-tie
$13.95/bale Volume discount: $11.50/23 or more

Orchard Grass 1st Cutting, 2-tie
$14.95/bale Volume discount: $14.00/21 or more

Orchard Grass 2nd Cutting, 2-tie
$17.50/bale Volume discount: $15.95/21 or more

Orchard Grass Alfalfa Mix 1st Cutting, 2-tie
$14.95/bale Volume discount: $13.75/20 or more

Orchard Grass Alfalfa Mix 2nd Cutting, 2-tie
$16.50/bale Volume discount: $15.50/21 or more

Timothy 1st Cutting, 3-tie
$19.95/bale Volume discount: $18.60/18 or more

Timothy 2nd Cutting, 3-tie
$19.95/bale Volume discount: $19.70/17 or more

To quote my favorite feed store, Dayville:

Different types of hay provide different levels of nutrition and calories. Alfalfa hay, for example, is a legume and is higher in protein than grass types of hay. It is Horse hayoften used in the feeding of dairy and beef cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and chickens. Timothy hay, Orchard Grass and various Mixed hays are frequently fed to working and pleasure horses and are used throughout the race horse industry.

We go every two weeks or so, as we feed Senior Feed (which is a total "feed" in pellet form) to the pony. Since we have been trying to live on a budget, we have bought hay as we need it. This has probably been OK, as the hay prices have come down slightly... for a good Eastern Washington Grass mix.

We are thankful that the girls, Zoe and Betsy, can go out on the fresh grass for periods of time, and not founder. This does help with the feed bills in the spring and early summer.

We call our back field the "Jenny Craig" field, as has minimal grass, and is safe for them when they are watching their diets! They can only go out on the fresh grass fields for so many hours a day to keep from possible problems, including very plump horses!

The scenery to go to our favorite feed store is nice as well, as they seem to be converting some local farmland to grapes...we love the view of grapevines. And wineries in Washington are taking off... so good for them! Though Eastern Washington weather is more appropriate for grapes than our side of the Mountains in Western Washington.

So there is my little ramble about one of the fun things to do, when you have farm critters!
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  1. Wow, you've just ruined Nordstroms for me.

  2. Sounds like you feel about Feed Stores the way I feel about farmer's markets and grocery stores. We all have our temptations!

  3. Ah Yes...I love a feed/tack store! I buy every kind of treat for the "luch bags" I fix for the dinner time feed!!! And then of course, the tack and new shirt for me!!!

  4. wow, your prices are so low! it costs so much to get it on the east coast. i only use 3 string timothy which is from a farm in washington. wash hay and grain. don't know the town. my hay man earl co-owns it with 'jack'. so i truck on to lexington every so often and load up! byw, you asked about my camera, i commented back on that post, but you probably didn't go back...anyway, it is a canon rebel xt. i also use photoshop elements to enlarge and crop. i am a total beginner on that photo editing stuff...i love feed stores and took some photos of southern states and planned to blog about it sometime. funny, i guess all horsey folks are the same! : )

  5. I have never been to a feed store - can you believe that? But now I am thinking I should give it a go! I just need to find one!
    Great, fun, informative post Jan!

  6. My brother in law owns a feed store. So when we need something I call my sister. Love the new header -- that horse is beautiful. TFS

  7. I am also glad to see hay prices coming down, finally! We are just now able to buy 1st cutting local grass hay. 6.00 a bale. We are going to get more tonight for 4.00 a bale, we are going to try to stock up as much as we can.
    I love feed stores, I can spend a long time browsing in them!
    Love your new header!

  8. I HATE shopping anywhere EXCEPT feedstores... I could spend hours window shopping in there (cause I usually don't have extra money other than for feed, wormer, etc. that I went in for) but I just love the smell of the leather, grains, molassas in the sweet feed, etc.

    Wouldn't Cory/Dancer/Tuffy looks good in that halter/blanket/saddle, etc.

    Clothing stores are to expensive and never have anything I like (I make my own blouses so I can use the materials I like) and a pair of sandles and a pair of tennis shoes are all I need for footwear... but have you seen all the new kinds of footwear for horses--especially ones with problem feet?

    I need to find out where Paint Girl lives. I thought our hay was expensive at $13.50 a bale for horse alfalfa until I saw the prices you posted and then read what Kritter Keeper said!

    Our pastures were green for a whole month or so this year which is a lot longer than last year... your pastures are so beautiful, and your horses are definitely well fed from your header pic! :) This is one of the blogs that shows some pics of our horses if you didn't see it. Linda (OC's Mom)

  9. WOW, you guys are paying WAY too much for hay!!! That is ridiculous!!! Alfalfa hay would sell for about $5-6 a bale!! Prairie hay runs about $3.50-4...Crazy I tell you, I sure feel for you!! I so have to agree with you on feed/tack store's!! Gotta love me some of those stores!!

  10. Would you believe that we go to the local feed store so I can get bulk bags of thistle for my gold finch?! Those little guys can eat! The feeder is just outside our window and the girls love to watch them all hang upside down.

    BTW- I LOVE love the new pic at the top. Is that one of yours?

  11. Hi there.
    I just wanted to let you know that this weekend I'll be posting the June comment challenge button and linky. Have you picked up your comment trophy yet?
    Thanks for participating.

  12. Mmm....feed stores, love 'em! I would definitely rather spend my time and money there. Most everything else I buy is second hand =)

    And I totally understand about missing today. I noticed I hadn't posted since last Thursday, well except for my Memorial Day post. Once the weather turns nice I would rather be outside!

  13. Oh, I love feed stores! And tack stores even though I don't ride anymore, I still love those places!


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