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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quotable other half!

I advised my other half, that in honor or his Birthday last Wednesday.. I am quoting him this Sunday...
So this one is for you, my dear other half!

Are you ready yet?
Get off that computer!
We have to leave in 5 minutes!
We are going to be late!
Whats for dinner?
Have you fed the horses?
Have you fed the dogs?
Did you put the coffee on?
Are these clean?
Have you seen my..(fill in the blank)...?
Have you washed whites?
Is the dishwasher clean?

and my favorite.. Coffee,tea or me?

Now your turn.. just post a new post on your blog with some of your favorite quotes.
~ Go over to Toni's and post your link in the mister linkey.

~ Go check out all the other bloggers that are joining in "Quotable Sunday", and check back all day as people are posting throughout the day. And of course.. have a great Sunday!


  1. Great Quotes!! coffee, tea or me? too funny

  2. that's hilarious...have you fed the dogs, are you ready yet, and turn the tv off are our daily questions.

  3. That was hilarious -- Sounds just like a man. TFS and enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Ahahaha! That's too funny - and sound very familiar to my hubby! (grin!!) Enjoy your Sunday - and Happy Belated Birthday to your Better Half! ;)

  5. ha! love the "coffee, tea or me" one.

  6. How funny and thanks for a laugh! Have a Super Sunday!

  7. How funny! I have to say, my hubby's most used quote is "Are you ready to eat something?" He does 90% of the cooking here. Isn't he great?!

  8. Oh that's funny!!!!!! I loved all the quotes!

  9. Oh, they are all alike (husbands that is!).... Hahaha! These are hilarious! I can't pick just one, because besides feeding the dog/horses, my husband is guilty of using them all!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. Too funny sounds like my house, this one especially Have you seen my..(fill in the blank)...?

  11. That is hilarious! Sounds exactly like my other half! I think they are all that way!

  12. Ha! Hubby would never ask me if I had put the coffee on. I make horrible coffee even with a coffee maker. Not sure why that is.

  13. Yup, sounds just like my hubby lol! I guess I need to get off the computer a bit that it is nice out, that will be MUCH easier!

  14. LOL that would pretty much be my list too

  15. sounds like my husband LOL. Great quotes. Happy Sunday a day late :)

  16. My favorite from the best husband in the world when I am on the phone, and he is in the same room, "are you on the phone?"


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