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Monday, May 11, 2009

I have Paint horses.. do you think they are Pintos?

As I had mentioned previously, I have had many horses over the years. My first love was always the American Quarter Horse. After a long period without horses, we got the horse bug. Ken had known and remembered my Quarter Horse gelding "Risk Bar", who I had when we dated in high school.

He had always wanted a horse, and grew up on John Wayne, and all those good old cowboy movies on Saturday mornings..boys!

Now at this time, my old best friend from high school "Sue", had been back into horses for years and was now showing Paints. Because the Paint is basically a "Quarter Horses with color", that was the direction I went. So, we proceeded to talk ourselves into getting a horse.

I will share more on that ongoing story in later posts, as it could be long.. but I want to clarify something first.
Onto my lesson!

  1. Paints and Pintos are NOT the same!
A Pinto can be any breed of horse and have the color pattern to be a Pinto.

A Paint has ancestry which it shares with the American Quarter Horse, and or Thoroughbreds only.

2. There is a difference in color patterns of Paints.

Now, I love the whole color pattern thing.. as believe me, it can make you dizzy!

Have you every noticed the difference in the patterns of "Paints" in the fields when you are out and about?

I will start with the two common color patterns.. Tobiano and Overo.

These two horse above are the "Tobiano" color pattern. Notice they each have the white color cross their backs, and the color pattern is kind of rounded markings, not jagged?

Now these two horses below are the "Overo" pattern... notice the white does NOT cross their backs, and their markings are very jagged?

So.. this completes lesson #1 on Paint color patterns... we will continue the discussion at another time, because this is only the beginning. There are even more patterns within these two color patterns!

Happy Monday!


  1. My dad is the horse freak of our family... he can tell you every breed, every kind.. everything! Me - I can tell you all about doggies!

    But horses are some beautiful creatures!!!

  2. "On the first day god created horses, and on the second day he painted the good ones."

    proud owner of a tri-color tobiano Paint

  3. i actually no nothing about horses... but now i just learned quite a bit about them!

  4. Hiya! I used to have six horses and the nearest to those markings was a shetland ( who was quite difficult to manage) and he was rust and white. Never had a Pinto nor a paint! Thanks for the lesson in the markings it is new to me. Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. Hi Jan,
    You have a beautiful family and a lovely blog. Thank you so much for your comment and for signing up to follow my blog. I'm honored and excited. Make sure to leave comments for me so I can continue to get know you better. Have a beautiful day:)

  6. Oh good! You are talking about one of my favorite breeds! The Paint!
    When I was young, I was into Appaloosa's, now I have a Paint and an Arab. Kinda funny how one changes, my sister was into QH's as a young one, now she has an Appy.

  7. Oh my ... i definitely learned something here! A horse isn't just a horse!

  8. I love Paints! They are so gorgeous and eyecatching! A few times people have asked about her as if hoping she might be for sale! No way!!! You will see pictures of her on my blog baystatebrumby!

  9. I know nothing about houses. My sister has them. The colors are beautiful. TFS

  10. I always knew they were different, but I didn't know all of the different patterns. Can't wait to learn more! =)

  11. This is educational. If it had been a pop quiz, I know I would have failed.

  12. Appys are kind of like colored QH's too....some of them. A lot of them are foundation-bred, too. I really like the foundation-bred Appys, they look more like "real Appys", even though my horse is foundation and QH-bred. For some reason, most Paints look mostly like QH's or TB's, they aren't as distinct as the foundation Appys. Anyway, I'm probably not making much sense. But color is good, in spots or patches, regardless!! ;)

  13. Love the post. Beautiful pictures! A friend of mine calls hers a "pasture ornament" haha

  14. Silly me... I've always called all of them "horses". I can't wait to impress my family with my new horse knowledge. Thanks for the lesson!

  15. jan, my blue is a tobiano...he is an appendix as well. i loved this post! very educational for those who didn't know the difference of the coloring and i must admit i did not regarding the jagged edges versus smooth. thank you so much!

  16. Loved this post. My mare is a black and white Tobiano paint. Someone once told me she looks like a Tovero. It's even listed on her registration papers. But she has no black going across her back, only on her I don't think so.

    Can't wait to check back in and read more. :)


  17. Hey! This is a great lesson! I have wanted to teach this lesson myself, but knew I would screw it up! Thanks for making it so fun! Of course I love Paints!!

  18. Hey! This just ate my comment! here I'll try again:
    I love your lesson! I have always wanted to do a lesson on Paints since I love them so much, but I don't know enough about them to get it all right! Thanks for doing such an informative and sweet entry on it!! GO TOBIANO!!


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