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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"O Heavens to Betsy" little mare, I also call my "Roanie Pony"!

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  1. roanie pony has a nice eye! horses are awesome and i am glad you are blessed to have them!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous horse!

  3. Love your Betsy! She is absolutely beautiful!
    Great pictures!

  4. Betsy said to tell you all thank you,for all for the nice things you said about her.

    (I try not to let her get a big head, as she can get full of herself..!)


  5. What a beauty and oh my goodness...those eyes!

  6. She is so pretty! I love her coloring, have always had a soft spot for roans =)

  7. Thanks for feeling sorry for me and checking out my blog! I really do appreciate it!!!! Oh isn't Kim the funniest little squirt out there! We have become very good blog friends and we have met each others family in person back in March! Her cowboy wanted a dog we had and it is happily ever after! I love your Roanie pony!!! Did you check out my blog's Paint horses? They belong to my cousin and her business partner.

  8. Love love love the pix
    AND I love the saying "heavens to Betsy"
    It just make me chuckle. I say it as much as I can.


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