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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been tagged from across the pond!

I have been tagged - for the first time by the lovely Delphine over at mylifefromacaravantoachateau

This should be fun, my task is to record

" SIX UNIMPORTANT THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY " in no particular order of unimportance...

  1. Leaving the Gym after a good workout
  2. Riding around in my convertible on a sunny day, with the convertible top DOWN!
  3. Any time the Sun is shining, and it is warm outside, and I am not at work!
  4. Sitting on the deck... at night on a warm evening, with a fire in the fire pit... with my other half and family
  5. Visiting one of the wineries in Lake Chelan, and doing some wine tasting while sitting on the lawn..with no worry about time.. in the sun, looking down on beautiful Lake Chelan.
  6. Having time away from Holiday.. even if it is at home with nothing to do!
Ok.. time for me to tag 6 victims. This really is an easy and fun tag to participate in:

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  2. Ali at The Blessed Country Mom
  3. Audrey at Stage 3, Who ME?
  4. Opus #6 at MAinfo
  5. JAM's..own Reality
  6. Tonya at Smalltown Louisiana Girl


  1. Oh, this will be fun! Thanks for the tag - time now to put my thinking cap on!

  2. Loved your answers. Thanks for playing along.

    I want to go to Lake Chelan with you! Sounds like fun!

  3. Good tagging! Thanks for taking part, bizzarely you no.2 is the same as one of mine haha! I liked all of yours...... you know how to relax!

  4. Oooo, girl, I've been tagged! I will get right on it.

  5. Oooh fun! I will get to it! Thanks for tagging me =)

  6. I love your 6 things! And I especially loved going to wine tastings in Lake Chelan...oh how I miss it! :)


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