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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Delilah wanted to say hello..

We have a Manx cat...Delilah.
This is often the view from the office window, on a nice day...
What a sweet view she makes!

Honestly, how could you not love a face like this? As you can imagine, she often brings us "presents" she catch's... though I wish she would stop with the birds! She litters the garage floor with bird feathers, and partially eaten bodies of some small creatures, even baby bunnies sometimes, bad cat!

Sometimes while I am working in the yard... out of the corner of my eye... I will see her jump in the air, really high trying to get some poor bird from under the bird feeders.

We don't want her to venture far, which is fine as she thinks the gardens are her "jungle".
She knows the dogs can't get into the garden (invisible fence limitations) and she taunts them.. from the edge of the garden... and drive the Corgi's crazy!
She is "Queen" of her jungle!


  1. Oh...what a tease she is and so pretty!!!

  2. She does look kinda regal perched up on her rock there.

  3. I don't let my purr gang out anymore but when they did ... they loved it and I called it their Jungle.

  4. she is adorable and i wish i could reach thru the computer and pet her! love kitties! my babies do the same...poor tiny bunnies, birds, etc. i saved a vole that ran into jessie's stall...i thought it was poo when I went to scoop it up!

  5. Cats are just too cool! And your Delilah is adorable....They are the ultimate hunters, aren't they? Those sweet faces and beautiful eyes are such a contrast to that killer instinct they possess!! We have two cats, and yes, they are impossible not to love!

  6. Ahh, my cats are catching birds right now too!! It drives me crazy. Feathers everywhere. Although, my baby did get his first mouse the other day... so maybe there is hope. Love your cat; she is very lucky to have such a fabulous yard.

  7. What a pretty girl she is! I BET she loves to taunt those pups, what a great pic that last one is lol!

  8. Hello are my kind of woman, I mean cat!

  9. What a gorgeous cat! And that picture you took - priceless! Especially seeing part of your garden in the background...reminds me of a calendar shot. :)

  10. We had to put two bells on one of our cats just to try to give the birds a fighting chance!


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