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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tan legs....vanity vanity, all is vanity...

Ok...first I want to say that I know that tanning is bad, very bad!

I also know that I hate my legs to be less than a lovely bronze...well OK, anything but pasty white... with shorts on in the summer.

I am not to concerned about the rest of my bod. Just being outside takes care of the arms and shoulders as I am a tank top kind of gal... and swim suits you ask? Yeah, right, not!

So here is my ideal solution...

A few years ago, I had bought 3 tans at a salon that offered "free" use of the leg machine, as long as you still had some paid tans available. We were going to Mexico, and it seemed like a good way to prep for the hot sun down there.

I think I bought 3 paid tans (the lowest package they offered for cheap) and used the free leg machine thing at least a dozen times through the summer. I still had 1-2 tans that were not used when they closed their doors unexpectedly...

Hmm , I wonder why they were not making any money?

I have not had legs looks so nice and tan since...can't find anyone else around here who even appears to know about these " bullet looking" leg tanner things.

Bummer :(


  1. Yes, it is hard to believe their business went under LOL!
    What about the spray tans? Or the lotion tans? I have tried the lotion ones - they are tricky to put on evenly. Never tried the spray tans, but they do seem to be popular!

  2. I have started using a body bronzer ... I'm really afraid of the sun and skin cancer because I'm so fair and it runs in my family. The bronzers they have out now are really quite good!

  3. LOL about the machine. I have never used bronzers. But I might make an exception for a special occasion. Not sure.

  4. bad bad bad! i used to use these when i was back east. but since moving to AZ i am SHOCKED at the number of pale white women, in the valley of the sun! so i asked... skin cancer is ramped out here. tons of mom at my kids school, young early 30's already unable to even enjoy a day at the lake. because they spent their summers laying out, tanning way too much. so be careful! (but i do understand, i have crazy white legs too!)

  5. Oh the crazy white Pacific Northwest Legs. Yeah Baby! I know those all too well :-> I've been really happy with L'Oreal self-tanning lotion stuff. (Can't remember the REAL name.)

    I'm still catching up to the VGNO party! Whoo Hoo!

  6. jan, get sprayed. lots of my friends do it instead of the tanning beds. skin cancer is devasting. don't take a are blonde as am i. have you ever seen your face under a black light? go to a medical spa and it really is an eye opener. my lifeguard years have caught up with me and there is not much i can do about it except put on sunscreen and get annual mole checks.

  7. I did the tanning bed thing for a while (maybe only a year, prolly less), then I got pregnant and had Jimmy and haven't been back since! And I have no desire to go, funny how things change. I agree with Kritter Keeper, its really not worth it, even if it is just your legs! =) We like you just the way you are!

  8. guys are all so nice, and encouraging!

    OK, I will find an alternative. I told you I knew it was bad!!!


  9. I also use to go tanning all the time, couldn't stand being white, and I am very white! But now that I am older and wiser, no more tanning salons for me.
    I am like you, a tank top girl. I always have a fairly good tan up top, but since I am around horses, have to wear jeans and the leggos don't see the sun! Scares me to put on shorts or a skirt! Ah!
    I do use a self tanner sometimes on the legs, it actually is more like a bronzer I guess. It works but doesn't get as dark as I would like. Plus the smell isn't that great.

  10. I too am a tank top girl! One who is currently fried from not wearing sunscreen out in the sun all day yesterday..I also have white, white legs..Which I hate having, but I worked for some time at The Cancer Center of KS and I seen way to much to put myself back into those tanning beds!! I love them, I wish I could go every day!!! But I know the consequences, it's not just having the cancer it is the treatment required for a Metastatic Melanoma. That drug that one would have to take literally makes you feel insane, and I do mean literally...Alot of people don't last on it because you have to take it for a full year!! So on that alone, I pray to never ever get skin cancer...So I too am looking for a great fake something LOL!!

  11. I thought pasty white is the new tan?

  12. Jan - I like Johnson and Johnson tinted moisturizer. it is subtle - but gives the legs a lovely glow. Doe not streak either. LOL... listen to all of us. I bet there isn't a man in our lives who cares.....

  13. WOW! that is so stinkin' cool... i didnt know there even was such a thing!


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