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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Shoot Out...Colors of the Rainbow..

Audrey told us about Debbie at The Pink Birdhouse , who sponsors this fun "Friday Shoot Out".. you know... camera shootout?

So this Friday it is colors of the Rainbow...

I have a love for bright this was just a matter of finding some of my favorite pictures with lots of colors in them!

I imagine many of you have ridden this ride, if you have been to Disneyland California Adventure.
Caleb and Ken must of gone on it 15-20 times on this one day. It was very quiet at the park, and the lines were non existent.

I love this picture from Cabo San Lucas..if you have been to Cabo, you probably know right where this is! I miss Cabo....

And the place we stay at has the coolest Flamingos, aren't these the coolest birds??!

I means really, does God have a sense of humor or what!
(click on the picture, and they look even cooler!)

I also got some other bright colored pictures at the Nightly Electric Parade

Oh... this one was at night.. though I guess that is obvious... I love the ripple in the lights of the rides...

OK..I need to bring this home, so the last picture is a flower from my garden.

Happy Friday :)


  1. Oh, I love flamingos! They are so beautiful, and my favorite color! Great colorful pictures!

  2. Great pictures!! I too love color!! That's why my house has so many different colors inside LOL!!

  3. Jan your pictures were fantastic! I love them, especially the flamingos and the flower. Great job! Next weeks theme is "Celebrate Life," so whatever that means to you - capture it!

    Good job Jan!

  4. beautiful shots.. and i love that last one of the flower! happy friday...

  5. I love the StarGazer Lily in your garden!
    It's like a big pink kiss from Mother Nature!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  6. Lots of great pictures, but I'm especially loving all of the California Adventure ones!


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