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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 things you do not know about me...

I am doing this in response to the "Honest Scrap Award", that I mentioned previously.. thank you Cousin B at She Who Rides Many Ponies...

  1. I like soft ice cream
  2. I feel better when the sky is blue..
  3. I want to move somewhere warm and dry when it is winter and wet in Washington.
  4. I like the water (as in lake, not in rain), I do not like to swim.
  5. I used to be fearless when it came to horses, until I had a bad horse accident about 10 years ago. The first time I got on a horse after that accident, I was actually afraid.. for the first time I understood how some people could be afraid to ride a horse. It took a while to get over that, I am no longer fearless on a horse, which is probably for the better.
  6. I would like to live somewhere where you can walk to a store or a coffee shop at some time in my life, just to know what that is like.
  7. I believe in forgiveness, and yet have a very hard time thinking I can forgive my mean hearted animal hating neighbor who has killed my beloved pets (thus the invisible fence we must have, plus exterior fence).
  8. I am a middle child, and believe there is something to the "Middle Child Syndrome"...
  9. I cannot get into sports like baseball, football, basketball...I cannot keep my attention on them long enough to enjoy them.
  10. I thought I wanted to pursue some kind of art career, and took art classes in college.


  1. And I guess we never will, you Mystery Woman!

  2. I can attest to the middle child thing...get her together with her middle child son-in-law. Man the stories they tell!

    I knew most of the 10 things but then again I have an inside line to the real you...and I still love you! Sunny days or your daughter-I would like to think I bring you sunny days here in Western Wa. with my sunny demeanor. Ya, you can stop laughing now.

  3. How horrible about your neighbor!

  4. Congrats on your awards and thanks for thinking of me on the super commenter thing! :-) You're a better person than me, being able to forgive your neighbor. I'd probably be delivering poison apples to them. LOL (not really, but I'd want to).

  5. The honest scrap list is not easy to put did a good job! Hay...I tried to vote on blog button...don't think I did it right!

  6. i took art in college, i too thought i would do something in that field. turns out it did help with kids craft projects as a stay at home mom, ha ha!

    also this one "I would like to live somewhere where you can walk to a store or a coffee shop at some time in my life, just to know what that is like." Is over rated in my opinion. I had wide open spaces, we moved to this.... now all i want is my wide open spaces back :(

    you can come borrow my house and walk to the coffee shop :)

  7. What great facts about you!! Shame on your neighbor!! That is horrible!! We don't have "neighbor's" but out here in our country side we were sternly warned that our dogs would be shot if caught in a pasture with some cattle by our house... Long story short, they were shot... Not bad the first time, but they did eventually disappear... Oh and just to clarify they were not hurting the cattle they were just simple roaming around..

  8. Most places you could walk to a grocery store and coffee shop are not going to be horse friendly. Although, when I lived in 228th in Bothell, WA I think there were homes that were within walking distance of QFC and Starbucks that had horses.

    I don't watch sports because I think their salaries are too high, that is how much our teachers should be paid

  9. I loved reading your list and finding out more about you. I am a middle child too, and I agree! What kind of art classes did you take? You should post some artwork, I would love to see it! I need to post mine too, maybe we should do an artwork theme one day...hmmm... ;-)

  10. Thanks for sharing, I love to learn more about my bloggy friends.


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