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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh.. how sweet is it is!

First.. I want to say that I am horrible about handling rewards..really terrible.

I have received some kind rewards from some wonderful bloggers, that I do not deserve... and yet have been honored.

And than I am bad about "paying forward". That is wrong.. yet I get so overwhelmed, and short on time.. that I become like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind..ah tomorrow is another day... (seriously, shame on me).

I want to apologize for this flaw in my blog without any more fuss...

Ali The Blessed Country Mom who I personally believe is a real live Angel on this earth...( I bet she has feathered wings tucked under her cowgirl shirt!).. gave me the "Super Follower" award. Thank you Ali!

JAM our own Just A Mom's own Reality...was so gracious to list me as someone to receive this sweet Panda Super Comment Award, thank you!

Plus one of the wonderful Pony Cousins..who refers to herself as "Cousin B" (is that for Betsy??) from She Who Rides Many Ponies... was so nice to me as well. I am s'posed to tell you 10 things about me don't know... I will, just not now.

It is to acknowledge 5 people who leave you super I am going to combine these three great awards and list 10, well let's make it 15!
It's a 3-fer!

I will sorta stick with the rules... x 3 for 3 awards! In no particular order....
1. Ali at The Blessed Country Mom
2. Audrey at Stage 3, Who Me?
3. Kritter Keeper ((hugs))
4. Opus 6 at MAinfo
5. Paint Girl at Adventures of Painted CreekFarm
6. Randi at Beauty Be Good
7. Desert Rose at JessesDesertRose
8. Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch
9. Evil Twins Wife.. from the Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau of course!
10.Pony Girl.. from Pony Girl Rides Again

I want to add 5 more of you as well...
The Good Cook ..You really should visit her site when you are hungry..yummm,
Tamis at
a Day in The Life.. (she is one of the very the nicest people I know..)
John and Regina at
Horse Talk Indiana
City Girl Turned Country
Dusty Devoe at

I could of gone on further, but had to stop..

I must say.. you all have no idea how nice it is to know you.. all of you :)

I will tell you 10 things about me later, I am worn out from putting this together!!

PS.. I know these things take time to do something with.. so no one is obligated..I just want to acknowledge you!


  1. Congratulations on your awards Jan! Completely deserved.

    You have given me a wonderful list of bloggers to check out. (Some are familiar ;-> )

  2. Aww, Jan! You ALWAYS deserve your awards. Why do you think I love hanging out with your fat horses????? Thanks for thinking of me. I consider you a friend.

  3. Congrats Jan! And yes, you do deserve it!
    Thank you so much for passing the awards along to me! I really appreciate it!!

  4. I come from good stock you know...we would be in real big trouble if you did not like me!

    Pay it forward, pay it forward, pay it forward...yes I will!

  5. Congratulations! Quite a pile of awards.

  6. Jan you are awesome! And stop making me blush lol! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am bad at the awards thing too, I think I have another one that I can't remmeber...oops ;-)

  7. Oh Jan you deserve all of those awards for sure!!! I totally understand the overwhelming busyness that overtakes our lives!!! Thanks for passing it on to me!!!!!!!!! Your a true gem!!


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