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Thursday, October 4, 2012

An old work horse of a teacart...gets a facelift...

My folks were famous in their neighborhood for the garage sales they had over decades. 

They had at least 2 a year, maybe 3. In essence they were "mini" flea markets, as they were avid garage sale scavengers themselves, and would resell their finds.
They always had new stuff at each garage sale they had, and since my dad loved refinishing old furniture they had all sorts of furniture and trinkets.

This old tea cart was one of the workhorses of the many garage sales they had. It was used to display their items at all of their sales, and though it wasn't pretty, it did it's job as needed.

When my folks were no longer in need of it my mom gave it to me. She knew I would keep it, because I care for old stuff like she did.

Well, after about 10 years holding stuff in my garage, it came out of hiding.

 I wanted to keep the nostalgia of it, but refresh it's sad look. This before picture was taken after I removed the really ugly contact paper which my dad had put on the top shelf. It was so UGLY, poor thing.

So, after getting the stickiness of the contact paper off the top shelf, I got out my "Annie Sloan Old White" chalk paint, and went after it.  Two coats of paint, some clear wax, and some distressing to bring back the original feel of the tea cart, and here she is...

I still need to address the casters, not sure what I want to do with them.

 I think Mom would be quite happy with it, any opinions?


  1. Hi! Thank you for becoming a follower and your comment! Oh, I LOVE this makeover!!!!!

    This weekend is my flea . . . . I think I'm ready!!! I'll be posting about it AND what I buy (one good thing about being a vendor, I can shop before anyone else, LOL)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


    1. I am so glad you came by! With my blogs change in direction from, I feel like I am starting all over as a blogger!! I will be checking back in on you, and looked to see if you have a button I can add.

  2. I love how you brought this pretty cart out of the garage and gave it a new life. Love the lighter paint job and the fun accessories you added. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comment.

  3. Hi Jan - nice to meet you!!! Love what you did to the bar cart - and love the castor just the way they are!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!


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