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Monday, October 1, 2012

Are you Re-purposing?

I suspect if you have been hiding under a rock, you may not have noticed what is going on EVERYWHERE! Taking something old and often referred to with the lovely sophisticated term "Vintage" and making it beautiful, or just useful again.

 It is a newer term for an old fashioned idea that my father called being frugal, and not wasting. Some call it recycling, some call it being green,  some call it collecting junk, and some may even think they are possibly a hoarder in the making.

 I like the term "re-purpose", and it can be anything... from furniture, to horses shoes, old mattress springs to dishware.

It is really just getting what some may call junk (old stuff), then fixing and finding a way for it to be useful again.Aka, to re-purpose the item.

You can re-purpose just about anything. You can give it the same purpose it had when it was new, by refreshing it with color or embellishment. You can change it's purpose, and make it something it was not originally intended to be... but with a new purpose now, or it just may be a unique way to use something.

As a young girl I collected stuff, as a young woman I collected stuff, when I got older I got rid of stuff...and then wished I had it to use now for a re purpose project.

Honestly, until I found myself out of work as of June ( for the first time in decades), I also found myself with ideas and time. 

I have old tables and  chairs, some really cool vintage pieces, which I now give myself permission to re-purpose.

I am an avid thrift store scavenger, and have the blood  of "thrifting" flowing through my veins. My parents were products of the depression, and were famous for both having garage sales, and pa-rousing garage sales. They had found many treasures over the years, and had an eye for it. My father would bring home old furniture, strip it, and bring it to life again.  He became a collector, as things started to group over the years, clocks of all kinds, old furniture, figurines, etc.

So, in a nutshell that is why I am adding this to my blog ramblings. I hope to have some new visitors who are of the same heart, come join me on this journey.

When I was in my early 20's I was doing the 70's version of re-purposing, and am picking it up again now.. in my early 60's.

I have several pieces that are on the list, one  project I am about to work on, is a really cool old washstand.  I have my Annie Sloan chalk paint, and you will see it soon! 
I was going to start a new blog for this, and, this is all part of Jan's Place.. and who I am in my life journey.
After all, this blog is letting me also "re-purpose" myself! 

So, I am staying here with it, and we will see what happens!!


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