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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Treasure...but .what is it?

Have I said how much I love not having to be at a job Monday through Friday...I guess  I may have mentioned it a time or two.

I hit some of my fav stores once or twice, well maybe three times, since my post last Tuesday...and felt like I did OK.

 Now I have a question for you all. I got this lovely, obviously old little bench, or at least thats what it appears to be.

It looks like a normal bench when the seat is down normal, thought it does feel a bit higher then I would expect. 

(If you double click on the picture you will see it better)

When opened, there is storage, maybe for sheet music? And on the other side, there is a piece of wood that flips up, so when the seat comes down it can be at an angle. My wild guess is an organ stool, but that is only a guess. I did find an organ stool that tilts when I was researching it, but it looked different then this one.

Maybe because an organ player, or piano player uses the pedals, maybe the angle lets the player reach them correctly??

I had to see what was under this floral material ...

OK, then I had to see what was under that, and finally got to the original material which is mohair like. Now I could see what it looked like many years ago.

The question is still the same, does anyone know what it is?

Thanks, and leave me your ideas!

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  1. That is a greta little piece. I would say a vanity bench or maybe even a little piano bench. Thanx for sharing at TH!T

  2. I was going to say vanity, too. I'm pretty sure it's not for a piano or organ. Organ is higher. Also, over the years, pianists and organists were taught to sit up straight and on the edge of the bench seat. An angled seat wouldn't allow for that. Now, the only thing that it could be is for a harpsichord. Things were different for the Victorian era with women and all their skirts and such. But still, my guess is vanity. Very nice, though!

    1. Dori, I appreciate your guess on my little bench, that angled seat just throws me off! I also thank you for leaving a comment, happy Thursday!


  3. Piano stool! I used to have one like that. No piano though...

    1. Good news, I thought it was related to music, as it had storage in the seat,thanks Emma Kate!

  4. I go with piano stool too. Look at the next concert pianist on television. We had one almost identical. So did my Godfather.


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