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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do you want to see what I did with some recent finds?

I am so enjoying having time to do things, such as go thrifting,  re-purposing the finds, and find a place for some of them in my own home.

My bigger plan is to get my foot in the door either at Flea Markets ( we don't have as many here in Washington as other areas in the country) or Bazaars, Etsy, etc.

So anyway, I have been inspired by your blogs to freshen up the look at home.  

First I have to tell you the style of my house, which is a ranch rambler and it is a horse property.

I say this because that kind of has some influence on how I can decorate. For example delicate Victorian and super formal doesn't work for this house. 

As for the furniture, we have some mission type furniture, but it is not all the same. I used to have very Southwest/western type things...not so much anymore. I really consider myself eclectic for sure, I am truly evolving.

So, here are some of the recent finds, in their current new place...

 I got the silver pumpkin at the Village about a month ago, and LOVE it...what a great fall find! The old brown jugs, of course recent finds too. The vintage zinc lids, mentioned in previous post are in an old wire basket picked up at St Vinny's on Monday...I added my little bird friend...
 We have this large brick fireplace, with the less then lovely pellet stove, it can really kick out heat has a purpose too!

 I put some of my different Bible's in the wire basket in the wood tray on the hearth...they were scattered all over the coffee table. Do you see that old brass piece by it? I have some very old clothespins in it, that I got at the old man's garage sale where I got the old Washboard table mentioned in the post "Have you run across one of these"... 

After I put this picture up, I looked at it, and decided I need I changed it to this... (below)...which do you like?

The oil painting on the mantel is special to me, because my Mothers 90 year old boyfriend had given it to me. Even though she has been gone almost 2 years, I am still in contact with him. He said it had been in his family forever, and I wish I knew who painted it. It has that Southwest feel with the colors and scene, which I like, and seems to fit in here.

Now here you see the magnetic letters & tarnished dish, stone type statue ( I love it, got it for a buck!), angel statue dish thing with acorns in it, the two white wood birds ( I painted white), and Eiffel Tower...all from recent treasure hunts.

 I painted the metal Eiffel Tower orange, to make it fun for fall, and with the candle in it, at night it is kind of lovely!

I notice you can see our sad looking fences through the bay window, we pressure washed them, and are in the tedious job of painting fences...acres of them, ugh!

Also, the pictures make the color on the walls look brighter then they are, boy do they look bright! Memo to self, add paint living room this fall/winter to list.

To see more "Thursday Hunt" finds, click here!

So what do you think, can these changes pass for fall?


  1. Your fall decor is so pretty.. but that bay window decor is to die for! Love it!

  2. My favorite it the gathering of your different Bibles and displaying them so beautifully. I love color and your walls looked great to me! Thanks for stopping by from Treasure Hunt Thursday. What a great party that is!

  3. Yes, cameras do pick up stronger color than they should. I like all your finds on display. I have things like that which I leave out for a while then rotate them with other unusual. My bowl full of old croquet balls is one of my favorites. I like seeing all of your things. It always happens the background shows things you don't want people to see. Fun posting.

  4. Your finds are lovely! Thanx for joining THT!


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