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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going to the Birds...Yard Art...

OK, I am finding one of my re-create projects that also falls under re-purpose, is Yard Art.

 I love the birds, and have so many feeders, and birdbaths, etc.

I also have lots of crazy Birdhouses, which no bird has yet to call it's own..that will be addressed in a later blog.

I even have a little ETSY store, but the cost of shipping is so much, I may never sell anything, which is OK I guess.

A real easy project for those who scout the dishware section of thrift stores, is bird feeders, and birdbaths.

The little frog dish above was too cute to pass up. I had a champagne flute that had a straight stem...perfect to stick in a flower pot, and some ice glass. With some D6000 glue, and drying time, it made a very sweet small bird feeder dish. I really love  it!

 This one was fun because the green cut glass flower piece has a place for a candle (battery operated in my case) that lights up behind it at night. Again a pretty hand painted vase from a garage sale, a pretty Johnson Brothers Spring Chintz plate, and a old glass candy dish under the plate, & the glass flower candle holder...presto!

I use a dowel, for them to sit on, usually a 3/4" by 36 dowel. The dowels come in several sizes and are a few dollars at Lowes and Home Depot.

I really love this one, as the plate is from someplace far away (Turkey maybe?) and I got it on clearance at TJ MAXX, and matched it with a very cool crackly it, love it, love it!!!

This one says " I prefer buns of cinnamon to buns of steel" The little plump bird has swirls on it that kind of match the swirls on the plate. The birds love sharing lunch with this cute friend...

This was a beautiful plate from Ross's, on an old bottle/vase, add a cut crystal it too!

This is a large cut crystal plate, with a Mikasa cut crystal vase stand, and a blown glass swan plate...all pieces from the Village or Goodwill.

This is "Garden Girl" she is a funky wine glass that had the face painted on it (from Goodwill) , a cool old white vase (her curvy body) that sits on the dowel, and a couple cute plates, one as her collar, and the sunflower plate is her hat... I smile whenever I look at her....she feeds the birds from her sunflower hat.

This was a cool very heavy large urn type vase thing, I found at the Village (Value Village) for about $10.00 I think. The plate/dish  is a large & heavy one from Pier One. I got it for a dollar at a garage sale, but it still had a $40.00 sticker on it from the store... they are re-purposed as a birdbath.

So, can you see the possibilities? I am having a hard time staying focused with all these projects running through my brain! Oh, I love being a displaced worker!!



  1. Hi, Jan! I love your artsy garden projects!

    I have been saving every piece of my beloved Fiesta ware because I cannot bring myself to just toss it and
    I mean to "create" something with the shards one day. You are an inspiration! :-)

    1. Thanks for coming by Terri, I know exactly what you mean about Fiesta ware, I have a cupboard full of it, and use it everyday!

  2. loving your birdbaths etc! they're all so cute!



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