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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great treasure hunt today...

I was up for the hunt, and crashed my daughter and her husband as they were lounging this morning ( they live a mile up the road), to see if they wanted to go junking with was a go! 

So off we go, and despite how questionable the place looked, it was worth it.

My honey and I have a bad habit of eating in the living room. I have been hunting for some vintage TV trays, with good tray holder, and today was my day All four in perfect condition, I am so delighted!!!

I know I could sell them as I got one awesome deal, but I will love them for a while...and use them too!

I have wanted a caldron..yes that is right.. a big, as in gigantic, caldron to eventually make into a fire pit...or a coffee table!

Yes, today was the day..and the gal overseeing the sale accepted my low ball offer, woo hoo! It has a crack, but will still meet our needs.

And, what was rolling around in the giant caldron? I think it is a canon ball, really what else could it be? 

Any old who, this was just some of the fun!

 I hope your junking adventures are good this weekend as well, I'm going to a flea market tomorrow!

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