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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Thrifting...required the top down on the Convertible!

I decided to hit the St Vincent store in Monroe, as you never know what may be lurking in some dark corner...and today everything was half off if you were wearing blue...yes that is what the sign said... (except furniture which was 20% off). Did you know that St Vincent has punch cards? Once it is filled, you get a discount on next trip. They also give a $5.00 off a $20.00 purchase when you donate, so I keep donations in my trunk for such occasions.

 Afterwards I went down the street to the local Goodwill, for Monday $1.29 day where today's tag color was green. Picked up a few things there as well! This Goodwill also excepts the $3.00 Value Village coupon on a $10.00 purchase, and the St Vinny $5.00 coupon, off $20.00.

Most of the pile of stuff below came from St Vinny's, and you may see the round table it is all piled on... is missing it's top. When I looked at this I knew it was calling "re-purpose me!"  It was $5.00, and 20% off that.. so I don't feel bad about that, and sort of have a plan.

I left out some items in the picture, as they were already getting started on their makeovers, when I grabbed my phone to take a picture. I need to just go grab the camera!

 The beautiful large wood bowl on the bottom shelf has found a new job on my dining you want to see it?  

What is great about this wood bowl, is that no work was necessary! It was lovely just as it is. And at half off, it was $2.50...can you say SWEET! 

I am also going to show some of the things I mentioned on the last post, from the weekend garage sales. The items below are combined (weekend and Monday) including the rust and wood table which I adore...can you say ASCP top for the table?!

 A box of bottle's for  $3.00, and below an old plant stand, which had been a yucky pink...$ it!

Magnetic letters $2.00, in an old tarnished dish $3.00
 A bunch of kids blocks $ the color in the old bowl I already had
 A bunch of cedar!
 Cool old zinc canning lids, $2.00 for them!
And this is my fav!
I got the so very cool old bodice at the weekend garage sale for $10.00, and found the Holiday bells at a sample sale later that day..a bit early for Christmas, but I had to try it out!  

When my sis and I left the sample sale, we were almost to her house and a girl in a SUV smashed into my sis's car...and just as my sis reached for her cell phone the Kirkland Police was there, wow, how convenient for us!

OK, I just had to share that, but back to the subject at hand! I have a convertible, so it required the top be down, to get all this in the car on Monday. My husband picked up the bigger Saturday garage sale stuff in his HHR, as it was close to home. 

Since we have been experiencing record highs and sun for this time of year, its been nice to have the convertible top down anyway!

So my question is, any suggestions for the Duncan Phyfe type round table in the first picture, that is missing it's top? Or the box of bottles?

To see other fun vintage things.. go to Knick Of Time Tuesday!


  1. Oh my that was a lot fun. You bought some really great things that imagination brings to life.

    1. Thanks for coming by Larry, I sure did have fun at the sales..oh my the trouble I am getting into now that I am not working! After so long off blogging, I feel like I am starting all over again!


  2. Wow, you hit paydirt with that haul! So glad nobody was hurt in the accident. Having a convertible would be kinda handy for thrifting, lol. I used to have an SUV, which I still had it. I absolutely love the pic on your header, old barns are one of my favorite things, and that one is a real beauty. Thanks for stopping by my place today, I am glad I learned about your blog, now following you. Hugs and blessings,

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for coming by, commenting and following! I really had fun going thrifting,and that weekend garage sale was a good one for sure!

      The barn in the header picture is about 5 miles down the road from us. I love photography, and had lots of fun getting shots of it. My good digital camera has been on the fritz, and is in the shop, so hope to get back soon to use again on blog pictures.

      I just posted on some of the things I have done with recent finds, come check it out!


  3. all great finds, but all those zinc canning lids for $2... wow! that's a FIND!!

  4. I thought I replied but cant see it, hope this is not a duplicate! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and glad you liked my bay window on other post! The zinc tops were a great find, and I am glad I can use them too!

  5. Oh that bodice is FANTASTIC. What a steal for $10!!


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