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Saturday, October 6, 2012

It all started with this, a little cup...

Being a collector of old stuff, I have stuffed some of the small things in this old hutch that I picked up in the mid 70's.

Since we are in the Seattle area, I have accumulated a collection of Worlds Fair items, which are mainly on the top shelf.

Do you see the little white mug with pink on the bottom shelf, on the right? That was my first "find", and I was about 12 or 13. There was an old house that was abandoned in an area near the area we lived, where I found it in a root cellar under the house. 

It's a mustache cup, the bottom says Germany....It was crusted in dirt when I found it, and surprisingly no break or cracks.

So, that was the beginning...and it hasn't stopped!

I went to a great moving sale today...and will gather some pictures soon, to show the cool things I got there... I am so excited!!! Can you say rust, wood and old! The gal having it had all these future projects , and said they were just not going to happen.. truly my gain here.

So back to the beginning, do you remember your first treasure, the one that started it all?


  1. My Collection has always been Animals lol :) and Video Games. it all started when i lost my dad at 6 and put in foster care grew up with nothing. but at 18 and was on my own i started collected stuff.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving your comment.
      Isn't it interesting on how we "start" on these collecting journeys.
      l also have many animal related things, I was that horse crazy kid, ...always drawn to horse stuff!


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