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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you notice anything different lately?

I have concluded that this "blog" stuff is like everything else I have to deal is having "stuff" and not enough space to put that stuff.

Is it my imagination.. or have I noticed many of you are in the same predicament, tell I imagining it? I wonder if those of you who keep such tidy and neat and organized blogs, also have your houses neat and tidy and organized also? And of those of us who clutter our blogs..( I am including myself in this group)... well does this parallel any other part of our lives???

All right Jan, focus back on topic, where were you going with this? Oh yeah, I remember...

Some of you folks that I stalk, I mean that I follow... well, I feel a real loyalty to you. For whatever reason I relate to you...your thoughts, your stories, your topics.. or you just amuse me! Or maybe you just have the cutest little button that I just have to have! So of course..." You have a button for me..? Why thank you..yes, I would like that, how cute!" It is probably a good thing you don't all have buttons.. I would need a 4th column!

Then the next dilemma.. OK..well, let me think.. that would look very cute over here? No maybe here...under that button? Hmmm'. All these button's and other special things, add on's, lists, and information. After all, there is so much to share.. and I (sigh)... only had two columns to put it on.

Well back to my story, as you may have noticed, I get distracted easily...

So, because of this collection of blog "stuff", I realized I needed another column to hold my stuff. So I went to the source, yes for me it was "The Cutest Blog on the Block"

So, did you notice???? I now have 3 columns...Yeah! But I had one small problem, my "Spurs" template was not made for 3 columns. Being new to this blogging stuff, I didn't know that the template needed to have room for 3 columns...dah?

So now what, well... I was hanging over the edges...really, over the edges.. into the land of was not a pretty sight. Since I am still partial to my template "Spurs", and not quite ready to move on to another template ...because this one just kind of reminds me of...well... me!

Well, with a little emailing back and forth, and some quick swishes of the magical template creator wand over at "The Cutest Blog on the Block".. they came through for me. I can have my "Spurs", and my 3 columns!!

I am so happy.. I may grow tired of the template later... as I can be a little fickle. But for now I have some room, and I am staying in my proper space without overhang!


  1. Hmmm...that is an EXCELLENT question! Well, I have noticed that people are walking with more of a spring in their step now that the weather is warming up. And I have noticed that what goes along with that is more smiles at strangers, more people saying Hello to others, more laughter. And I have noticed that I am very much enjoying my new fellow bloggers!

  2. Talking about tidiness, amde me look around at my office where I am sitting at my lap-top -- wow! what a mess papers, photos books etc all over the plac! So I looked into another room - tidy and all the rooms were tidy,( perhaps not the cupboards) so what is it about an office that is impossible to organise?

  3. Jan,
    I think your new three column look is just spiffy! I totally relate to this post, because of my blog clutter issues. I am constantly arranging then rearranging trying to make it look neat and tidy. A few areas could use some spring cleaning, just like some closets at home. I stopped by to say hello, and wish you a Happy Easter, all my best. ~Cathy~

  4. I think it looks great!
    Happy VGNO!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  5. Your new layout looks great!

    I just have to say that while my blog may be fairly "neat" (or at least it is to me), my house is NOT!!! And I am in a quandary. There are so many blogs I really like, and they have such cute buttons, but if I start putting them on my blog, it will get cluttered. So what do I do? The blog is my one place I seem to be able to maintain some sense of order at the moment. But it would be so fun to have buttons. Hmmm....


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