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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baja Mexico.. a favorite place

We.. meaning the other half and I... love Mexico. We would go often, if we could. I so love the colors in Mexico. What a wonderful place to take pictures of the old missions and churches which I think are so beautiful. The colorful buildings, the vendors and all the wares..the small towns... there is a picture everywhere you turn.

You know how there is this 'Tuscan' trend for interior decorating... if you ask me there are some similarities with the colors and textures from Mexico... but back to topic.

I love the people, and I really love the sun! I even love the music! I love hearing Spanish... and wish I spoke it.

It just makes me sad to think people are feeling unsafe about going to Mexico with all that scary stuff going on down there. The daily news isn't bringing comfort to some poor soul who just wants to trot on down south of the border.

My sister's very 'free spirit' daughter moved to Mexico City to teach. She has backpacked all over South America and Europe, much of it on her own, and is obviously fearless. She and her friend decided they wanted to teach internationally.. after all work and travel all at the same time, whats not to like about that?

Anyway, back to Erin, I think she teaches first grade ... she said the kids have their own personal body guards that take them to school...can you imagine getting little Sally ready for school, and you aren't worried about missing the school bus, you are worried about "where the heck is that body guard?"

My niece, was invited to one of her students Birthday Party, and the children who came, of course... also had their bodyguards... at the 1st grade Birthday party....hmm

I was told they have "Express Kidnapping" Because the banks limit how much you can take out of the cash machine per day from your debit/credit card. They hold you, for say 3 days, get $300.00 total, and let you go!

I heard on the news a few weeks ago that Mexico City has the highest kidnap rate in the world.. do you know what city was second?
This really shocked me, Phoenix...

You know all of this seems so hard to imagine, from my small corner of this big world. But I guess it is so...
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  1. Interesting statistic about Phoenix! I had no idea.
    I have not been to Mexico, but have travelled throughout Central America. I feel the same passion for Nicaragua that you express for Mexico. It is the poverty that drives people to commit such atrocious acts. Sad, really!

    Loved this post!

  2. I've only been to Mexico once myself - and I do speak Spanish. I, too, love everything about their culture. We ate at a Mexican restaurant yesterday and one of my friends said, "I'd go nuts having to listen to this music all day." I said, "Are you crazy? I love this stuff!". :-)

  3. That is pretty scary! I have never been to Mexico, only the UK and Haiti, but I would love to go someday! And thanks for your sweet comment, you are so kind! Have a wonderful weekend =)


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