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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is your Inspiration?

When you run out of things to talk about.. or the brain just freezes up, where do you go for inspiration?

Color is always an inspiration to me.. so I went to the cupboard!

OK, I know this may be a bit desperate..but hey, I can do desperate, and the truth is I really do love Fiestaware as well!

Both my girls have and collect Fiestaware. I started using it about 4 years ago, and I have got to tell you, this stuff is unbelievable if you want dishware that is almost non destructible ( I should have chipped mine a hundred times being clumsy loading and unloading the chips!)

Of course you all know I love Mexico, partly because of the bright colors you see so much of in Mexico.

Well, this is my Mexico... on my table!
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  1. I finally broke out some of my favorites that I have set aside. Why not use them? In the years we have been using it we have only broken a few pieces...amazing considering I have 3 kids that sometimes are a little clumsy! In fact one of the accidents was when I dropped my coffee cup on the concrete...yup it broke!

    It is fun to match your dinner plate to your mood!

  2. My dishes are boring...I might have to get some fiesta ware - I like Tamis's idea of matching your mood to your dinnerware! ;)

  3. Oh man, I'm lovin' those fiesta dishes, big time!
    What was your address again??????
    he hee!

  4. I love Fiesta! The colors are great and they are always coming out with new colors! I don't have any Fiesta but would love to someday, I love the look of the mix and match colors!

  5. My dishes are cream colored so I have to use napkins for color...I do have some colored accsent peices!

  6. Oh your dishes are fantastic Jan! I love mix and match dishes, and the colors are awesome! They make the table look so inviting! Good inspiration!

  7. I also collect Fiesta - it's made right here in WV! We have a factory outlet not far from us that has big sales a few times a year (some might have slight flaws). I've had pics of my Fiesta on my blog before too. :-)

  8. Love the Fiesta colors, now I have to go get myself some!

  9. I want colorful dishes like that!! ::wah::

  10. wow, who cares what's for dinner with a splash like that!!!

  11. I have one piece of "Fiesta" that I inherited from my MIL. I love their bright colors and I keep mine up in my kitchen window to look at every day!


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