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Monday, April 13, 2009

Memory Monday..July of 2008, the new Buddy after 10 months of love and care..

(Yes...I know the helmet doesn't fit Avery correctly here!)
Memory Monday..

My memory is how wonderful Buddy looked in July 2008, 10 months after he came to live with us.

I remember how forlorn he looked when he came out of the trailer in September of 2007. When we went to take him in the barn he balked...he had not been in a barn in such a long time, he was afraid to go in.

He went through a very bad founder period about a month after we got him. Because he was finally on medication for the Cushings, he actually shed out nicely ( I believe the first summer in years) Cushings is like a horse diabetes, and one symptom is they don't shed properly. He had that long curly Cushings hair trait when he came in September of 2007.

Look at him, he was probably a beautiful boy in his early days.. and I imagine he had some little girls who thought he was something!

He is actually a beautiful liver chestnut color with a flaxen mane when he sheds out. Certainly different from the woolly mammoth he is in the winter!

Yep, when his story ends, we hope it is on a good note, he must be about 37 now...


  1. WOW! That is amazing! I didn't realize that horses suffered from illnesses like diabetes. It makes sense when I think about it, but I had no idea. I am so happy that Buddy lives with such a loving family.

  2. Sounds like Cushings in horses is the same as Cushings in dogs, horrible disease. He looks great, big thumbs up to you for rescuing him.

  3. He is beautiful. Bless your heart for taking him in and making him all better!

  4. What a sweetie he is! I think both of you are lucky!

    btw... I don't know anything about horses. Is 37 middle age or old? How long do horses usually live if properly cared for?

  5. JAM... 37 is old for a horse or a pony, he is great grampa horse!!
    It used to be rare for them to get this old. Now with the med's and care we can provide horses, people... can live longer, if they are taken care of.

    Angie...I guess Cushings is a dog thing too, I am just more familiar with it in horses..the diet (like people with diabetes) is important.

    Thanks for looking at the old boy.. I am proud of him to have that kind of comeback!

  6. He is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh goodness, he is a true grandpa! And is still having a useful and happy life! What a blessing he found you all. He is a lovely color, I've always enjoyed livers with the flaxen manes and tails!

  8. Awwww! So cool that you guys rescued him and he's living with such a loving family...his golden years are going to be the best! :)


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