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Monday, April 20, 2009

Memory Monday.. of my Neighbor ... Wendy!

My neighbor Wendy...

She was about 10 or so when we moved in here, about 15 years ago.

It wasn't long before we saw what an exceptional horse woman she was, and a hard worker with strong work ethics.Wendy ended up helping us out quite a bit ( as the other half and I both worked full time). As she got older Wendy would clean stalls with enthusiasm, and even helped start and work some of our horses.

She and her family were very involved in 4-H, Wendy went on to get "1st in State" 4-H titles, 4 years in a row on her wonderful horse CeCe, who they call their "Garage Sale" horse.. she has had him since they were both 6, and she trained him as she got older.

She is now married, and a high school teacher, and her students are so lucky to have her as a wonderful role model. She can't help but have a positive influence on them! Yes, she still has CeCe, and Wendy will ride him for pleasure periodically....


  1. Jan..that is th NICEST thing that I have seen on the internet in such a long time - paying tribute to someone who has touched you in some way is such a wonderful thing.

    I am guessing that Wendy hung around not just for the horses, but because she had also found a friend in you!

  2. What a great post about Wendy. (And I LOVE that picture!) So glad to hear that she went into teaching. We can always use EXCELLENT teachers.

    Sounds like both of you were very fortunate to have each other in your lives.

    Thanks for sharing your memory with us today!

  3. Awww, what a sweet picture. You guys have such a COOL lifestyle.

  4. that's great that you still keep in touch with her!

  5. How nice to see someone grow up & see them turn into a lovely young lady!!!

  6. What a wonderful post! You are such an awesome person, and that is fantastic that you played a role in her life growing up. I had a very special neighbor growing up and she is now one of my closest friends/role models. You just never know how you are going to impact someone's life!

  7. That was a very touching post! It's not every day we get "good" neighbors, let alone, exceptional perfect neighbors! :-)

  8. Aww thanks, I am NOT one of your biggest fans too! =)

    I know it is confusing! Neither of them had eyes though, is it really that hard to find one WITH eyes? People probably think I am nuts, lol! I was going to just paint eyes on the original green sandbox - and should have because now we don't have one at all! Oh well....

  9. Great picture! She sounds like a wonderful person! TFS

  10. I Love to hear about people who love animals. A beautiful pictures. Thanks for the nice comment at my blog.


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