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Monday, April 6, 2009

Memories on Monday Theme..

Boy, I have not had time to think about know as I mentioned in my "sideline", I am no longer a spring chicken! You see, the upside is I have gob's of memories! Here goes on one of them...

My love for horses, and one in particular...

We moved a lot when I was a kid. I was born in St Paul Minnesota , and moved to Iowa and also Michigan, before our family landed in Washington where the family settled and refused to leave, at least most of them.

One memory comes to mind. I was the little girl that was horse crazy, I am sure you have all met one of us at some time. Forget everything else... I wanted a horse of my own. I would find a horse, just to look over the fence at it.

The problem was we were not "country" living people, we were "burb" people. Finding a horse to look at was not an easy thing for a grade school age kid to do. Also my parents were not at all interested in living somewhere that would have enough room for a horse, and if they did live in such a place..a horse? Why would we want a horse??

I remember we lived in Grand Rapids Michigan at this time. I was probably around 8. Somehow I found out that there was a pony (I think he was black and white) quite a distance away from our little housing development. I probably noticed him as we drove to the grocery store, as I remember the store was up the rode from the pony. I also remember the road was a busy road as well.

Because I was 1 of 4 kids, my mother was not always aware of where one of us disappeared to. And at that time parents didn't worry about the stuff that we worry about now.

Well I would walk all the way to see that pony. I found out his name was "Risk" which I thought was the most bazaar name for a pony, who would name a pony Risk?

So why did I mention this? Well because when I was 12 and now living in Washington, I got my first horse (that is another horsey story for later).. since then, I have had more than 30 horses and ponies over the years. One of my favorite horses was a Quarter Horse gelding I got when he was 3 and I was about 16. He was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. He was very well bred, a grandson of Leo on his dam's side, and a grandson of Sugar Bars on his sires side... his registered name... Risk Bar!

Risk was part of my life for many years, and I have so many great memories of him. I even took him to Ellensburg when I went to college, and found a farm to board him at (try storing a saddle in a girls dorm!).

It wasn't until I was married with a new baby and a husband in Viet Nam, that I could not afford to keep him any longer.. I still regret that I could not keep him his whole life, I felt like I let him down. I believe I was supposed to be his forever home, he was family to me. I am sure he is long gone, but he lives in my memories vividly, so vividly.

So there you go.. one memory down, a bazillion to go!



  1. that was an awesome blog. you brought back memories of a pony that i rode with a girlfriend and i skipped sunday school to do it!...i think i will blog about that sometime...i like your monday memories theme...can't i borrow it?

  2. What a sweet post. 30 horses? That is quite a lot.

  3. Remember, we bred and raised Paints for a while.. babies and brood mares, another future blog!

    Jan :)

  4. 30 horses huh? WOW. We have 2 and really should be selling one as he isn't as "child safe" as I would like. Actually, he isn't even "Us" safe, wont let us ride him. But for some reason I don't want to sell him. Was it hard for you to sell horses if they didn't work out for you? I just want to make sure he goes to a good home!

  5. WOW! What a great story! I also love horses, but sadly they don't seem to love me! Probably because I am nervous around them. The last time I even attempted to ride one, the horse refused to do what I asked of it, and eventually got so tired of me that he brushed me up against a post knocking me to the ground! I now admire them from a distance!

  6. " Yep, OVER 30, I was a teenage horse trader" for a while..I bought ponies to train, and sell. They paid for my horses feed, as my parents said "you have a horse, you pay for the horse"!

  7. Ali, I have been very fortunate, as my horses have found other good homes. You learn to "listen" to the perspective buyer/owner. I have talked people out of one of my horses, if I did not think it was a match.


  8. Lovely memories, great theme for a Monday. I am not a natural horse rider but do can manage a decent trot, cantering frightens the life out of me!

  9. Jan, what a great memory. I believe the "older" we get, the more important it is to write this stuff down! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

  10. And then you end up with a daughter allergic to horses. Just crazy huh! I think it is great you are putting your stories somewhere for us to read them!

  11. For Tamis and Brea, more than anything it is for you!

    Love Mom

  12. Good story, I love reading memories, whether they are mine or someone elses.


  13. What a wonderful story. Some girls just seem born to love 'em, it seems, and nothing will get in their way. It appears you are one of those girls. What a wonderful way to express your love.

  14. My mother also loves horses. It's her dream to own one someday.

    For now, her house is just filled with horse figurines, horse paintings, horse blankets, horse cups....I guess they fill the void of her not being able to have a REAL horse.

    I promised Mom if I ever made it rich that I'd buy her a horse.

  15. I love your Memories Monday idea, too. Would you mind if I borrow it maybe... every once in a while at least? OC

    I was born a horse lover my mom used to say. She said it was probably because before she knew she was pregnant with me, she rode a horse for the one and only time my dad could talk her into it. My dad loved them too, and was able to get me my first real one for my 11th birthday. (I'd collected Breyers for years) Since ladybug, I've had quite a few horses over the years. My current "baby" is a 23 yr. old Peruvian that I've had since he was three.

    Well, this was YOUR Memory Monday, but you've brought back many memories for me too... Thanks! Linda (OC's Mom)

  16. Funny how dreams come true. Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting. I am so glad that we found more stone too.

  17. What a nice idea (sharing memories on Monday). Great post.

    Lynnette Labelle


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