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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday.. I like that..


I have many Random thoughts.. here are only a few:
  1. How come weeds can grow anywhere, and you have to work to grow the flowers?
  2. I wonder why we have such a hard time getting paint to stay on one side of our house.. we made sure it was dry, we used primer, than the paint.. and it still peals within a year or so??
  3. And how come we learn languages when we are very young, and find it so hard to learn a new language when we are grown and mature?


  1. That last one is sooo true! I never understand why the schools wait until middle school or high school to start teaching the kid's a foreign language. I say they need to start in kindergarten when their little minds are like sponges!

  2. Ha ha! I love the first one!And I must say, I have wondered about that a lot. Perhaps we should just give in - stop planting flowers and cultivate weed beds! That way, we would all look like amazing gardeners. Hmmm..I think I am onto something! Gotta go and pull up some flowers - damn things!

  3. I agree with 1 & 3, sorry about #2! They really should teach foreign language at a younger age, I may even start trying to teach Jimmy some Spanish or German. I really wish flowers grew as easily as weeds (and grass, for some reason, it will NOT stay out of one of my beds!) Have a great night!

  4. Very good things to ponder! I have tried to teach myself Spanish for years and all I can do is ask where the bathroom is and tell everyone I love them. Could be helpful in some situations but I think I need much more than that when I'm in Mexico in a nearly no English area. Could someone answer this question for us?

  5. At my son's elementary school, they all have Spanish class - starting from pre-school on. I've always picked up languages fairly easily - I think some people just do. However, I stink at math, so maybe that's a trade-off! ;-)

  6. Our old minds shut down... I so LONG to learn different languages.. but after 2 years of Spanish - I'm good at saying "Hello beautiful friend"... Yeah, I'm talented like that!

  7. What is it with weeds and their ability to grow rampant? ;) Wonder if that side of the house gets the most rain/wind battering as opposed to the other sides... I would love to be able to learn a different language - I've always wanted to learn French, but it seems so complicated...or I'm just too old...LOL! :)


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