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Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday at church the pastor was "preaching" his sermon, it was titled "If God is Good why do Bad Things Happen? " Hmm, I think everyone of us has asked this question..

It was about why bad things happen to good people, and how God gets blamed. He talked about two kinds of evil in our world. Man made evil, where humans choose to do evil to hurt another, or others..

Yes, we sure have plenty of this going around. I think I will add greedy bankers, car manufacturers and AIG to this group, as if we didn't 't already have enough of "man made evil" happening in our world!!(my embellishment comment, not the pastor's!)

And natural evil such as disease, illness, cancer, as well as natural disaster like tornado's, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis. We all know what that is all about as well!

Also, how we really did have a perfect world..once.

This was until someone (whose name we all know) decided that she was going to "choose" to eat an apple from a particular tree. There goes our perfect world...

Can you believe it ..just an apple .(.not a cute little Mercedes Convertible?)..I know, I know..she was deceived.. But still, an apple, while she was surrounded by all that 'good ' stuff from day three of creation, she had to have the apple..( my embellishment comment, not the pastor's!)

It was at that point, we heard sirens were going nearby, somewhere. He stopped for a moment, and said he always prays for those at the other end of the siren when he hears them....

I have done this since my kids were little, we would always pray that the Lord would be the midst of the emergency, whatever it was..

So he/we prayed for the "parents", yes.. he specifically said "the parents". Now at the end of the service we found out the aid car came to our church, a child downstairs in Children's Church had a seizure..

The good news is she is doing fine, she had never had a seizure before, we pray never again as well, and..... it was not God's fault.

I must say.. what an unplanned illustration was provided!


  1. I am just all teary-eyed today! This is a great post, and then the part with the sirens and finding out it was for the little girl in your church, God is good! I pray she will be fine in the future!

  2. I still pray a little prayer when I hear a siren all these years later.

    Well said today Mom! Unplanned illustrations sometimes are the best.

  3. I always cross myself when a funeral procession passes.

  4. What a great story! I do the same thing, always say a silent prayer when I hear sirens of any kind. Thanks for sharing such a neat story, the Good Lord does indeed know what He is doing, doesn't He? :)


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