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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Roscoe our rescue dog .. don't believe every thing they say when you rescue a dog!!

The Craigslist ad was from a non- profit animal rescue place from eastern Washington.. and it was a good three hour drive from my house.

The ad said "Part Corgi, part English Bulldog..very mellow, not at all hyper.. 10 month old"...

Well, it had been a while since I had lost my little Rocky dog, and I was ready to get a new dog, and a friend for Randy. When I saw the ad I liked the part about "part Corgi" and I really liked the "not at all hyper" part especially!

It was fall of 2007, and the mountain pass was open, so my sister was game for a car ride and off we went! We drove, we talked, we almost got lost.. and finally found the place.

It was a long driveway way out in the country, and the place was a home/shelter for both the animals and the people. We found our way into the house.. and there was Roscoe (they had called him something else) but his face said he really should be "Roscoe" !

These people were very dedicated to rescuing animals, as they had dog kennels stacked with dogs and cats of all sizes, and in all kinds of condition. It is a farm community, and obviously not enough animals are being fixed, and then are left stranded in the country.

Oh, she tells me ( now that I have driven 3 hours..) by the way.. he has a recessed testicle, which they could not find when they were neutering him.. so he will need a "little" surgery.. and yes he is still $150.00, to recoup the $$ we have already put in him...

Well animal lover that I am, I say OK.. he is kind of cute.. but I really am not seeing the "Corgi".. oh she said, look at his rear, doesn't that kinda look like a Corgi rear end..umm, well, maybe..

So Roscoe comes home with me. When I show him to my girls, they kind of chuckle and say.."so this is your Corgi- English Bulldog mix, huh..". Well, that's what the rescue lady girls obviously knew a Pit Bull when they saw one, and smiled at their old naive mom.. as she shows them her new dog!

My vet says.."so this your Corgi-English Bulldog mix, huh? " Well, that's what the rescue lady said... My vet than says "if anyone ever asks you what kind of dog this is, never know as in Pit Bull..just say part boxer". Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Pit Bulls..I do have a problem with what irresponsible dog owners have made Pit Bulls aka "Bullies "..into.. (just watch Daddy on the Dog Whisperer, that is the Pit Bull for me!)

So.. lets fast forward to today.. no, you do not see Roscoe's picture on my list of critters on the farm.. he was part of our family, I really did try, for at least 6 months. The dog was as high energy a dog as you could find, way more than my energy level for sure!

Lets just say the only time he was not hyper.. was when he was getting a quick nap.You could not wear that dog out!

I was very fortunate to place our boy Roscoe with a very energetic young family in Portland Oregon, they had another high energy dog that needed a friend. He ended up getting his "operation", and it was a Win/Win for all of us in the end, especially for Roscoe!

As you can see, we now have the two Corgis Milli and Oscar; aka "Trouble and Troubles Best Friend"

Yes, I will share the stories of the two evil (but dearly loved) trouble making Corgi' a future date..and yes they can be a bit hyper as well, they are just a lot smaller!
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  1. I'm so glad Roscoe found a good home. It does sound like it all worked out for the best.

  2. Wow, I would have cried if I drove all that way and that happened to me! I am glad he ended up in a good home though :)

  3. I'm glad you were able to find him a good home with a more suitable family. :-)

  4. What an amusing story, I am glad Roscoe found his forever home after all!

  5. Oh, wow - I've been in situations like that...driving all that way and being told the dog is one kind when it's really glad Roscoe (totally perfect name for him, BTW) found a good home - I bet the other hyper dog was able to wear him out! ;)

    Looking forward to the stories of your Corgi's! :)


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