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Friday, March 20, 2009


I am feeling a bit out of whack, as I took the day off as a "vacation" day to run errands, get some calls done.. that are nearly impossible to do on a work day (sure I can sit on hold 10 minutes during my 15 minute break) to try to resolve an insurance claim issue in 5 minutes). Oh yeah.. like I can do that, NOT!

Went and had my most favorite hairdresser person trim the locks, as the curling iron I am addicted to fry's the ends so quick. My work friends think my hair has "body", boy.. do I have them fooled.
What, you are doing highlights for 20% off? I like a bargain as much as the next dull haired, not so young chickadee, who needs "highlights". So sure, lets at least look like I have been in the sun.. give me some highlights!

Then I trot next door to the Albertsons store, (as I read "Frugal Chic Living" blog, and I am really trying to get into the grocery bargain shopping thing more seriously) I get some bargains.. roast for $1.99 a pound, whoo hoo, I am excited!

Oh,have some stuff to drop off for the eldest daughter, who is home with sick kids that didn't go to school, who are lounging all over her couch. My mom had dug out some old cast iron pans to give her. Crazy how this daughter has a special love for cast iron.. who'd of guessed that there are those who love collecting cast iron.. but it appears to be so!

Ok, back home, make a couple of those "important" calls, one more check off my mental list..

Now, how come I can't get the Pix to open with my IPhoto, and it only shows the jpeg#? I am still trying to figure that one out.. as I am not the most computer (Mac) savvy one on the block.
This one has been baffling me since I bought this Mac off younger daughter, when she got the GIANT new Mac.. She said it didn't do that for her..hmmm.. what am I doing wrong?

Call the other half, to remind him to try to get our old computer that died (due to me not being careful and getting some deadly virus's, so he tells me).. from the guy who supposedly has resurrected it back to life, please let me have all my Pix back, that's all I ask!

So, I look at the clock, the house is still a mess (yes that was on the list) and it is 2:15 pm.. I usually get off at 3:00, so it really doesn't feel like I had a "vacation" on my vacation day..

Oh.. happy first day of Spring!!


  1. We're strictly PC users here, but maybe try to google an answer? I've found a great deal of technical answers from cameras to my own computer issues out there. And, no it didn't seem like much of a vacation day, but you did get a lot accomplished! :-)

  2. Stopping over from the party VGNO.

  3. Moms don't ever get a day "off". You must not have seen that line in your contract.


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