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Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Chloe Cat

Have you had a pet, that was special, I mean..when you think of the best ones you have had over the years, this one stands out as an exceptional one. You know what I mean?

That was our Chloe, I think when this picture was taken, she had to be about 14.. she lasted about 3 more years. When she was ready to die, she kept trying to go outside, and I knew if she did she was going to go off to die, and I was not ready to let her go..finally she got out, and when my husband came home, she was "gone". He cried, I cried.. and we took her to the area behind the barn where the beloved farm animals rest, and she joined our beloved old dog, Ziggy.

Tamis still loves her story of bringing Chloe home as a tiny kitten when she was a teenager. She had a sob story of how her and her friend Anna, found these abandoned kittens...
she fessed up later, yeah, sure.. from a box at the Safeway store that said "Free Kittens", and some folks more than happy to send them off with the girls.

Chloe outlived many pets we had, and she stayed away from my evil neighbor as well...She was quite the hunter in her younger days, and would be gone for days sometime, but she would finally come home. When she got older, thank goodness, she had gotten her traveling over with, as she stayed close to home, when she was out.

We have learned the hard way, that you can never replace a special pet with one that appears to be like it, as they never are. I have found this with dogs, horses, cats.. the special one's cannot be duplicated.

Yes, this applies to those special people too..Posted by Picasa


  1. Yes - I had a calico cat who was so smart and sweet. We had two other cats after her and I just never loved them with the same love I had for her. I still miss her....

  2. BINGO! well said, especially the part about replacing a beloved pet...anyone want a neurotic orange cat that is nothing like my previous wonderful orange cat?

  3. Aww thanks! We had a nice night of eating corned beef and watching a movie =)

    I have one of those "special" pets right now, that would be our Aussie Duke. When he goes, my hubby WILL cry, one of the few times, and so will I. He is our pampered "Bubbas" as we call him, such a good boy! I had a cat when I was a little girl, she died when I was 15, She was pure white with one pastel green eye and one pastel blue eye. Very beautiful and she was my girl. She used to come lay on my chest when I cried, so when she died it was even harder because she wasn't there to comfort me =( Pets can be so very special!

  4. Oh~ so true!
    We recently lost our cocker after many years. Bill is ready to get another... I don't know if I ever will be.
    The special ones can never be replaced!

    *thanks for following us at the cafe*


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