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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Farm..on Mt Forest..

I thought I would take a moment to share a little bit, about our "Farm"..

which is what
we lovingly call our little 5 acre property, here in Snohomish, Washington.

Lets back up to say..1994..

Ken and I had 3 Paint mares, two of them were bred, and we were ready to find a little chunk of land to call our own.

We had a very precious older lady friend, who used to raise Thoroughbreds.. and told us that once you buy your own horse property, the fun stops, as the work starts.. boy, in hindsight maybe we should of listened to her!!

Well, we did not heed her advice, and threw caution to the wind and wound up here.

Don't get me wrong, we love where we live, we love having family near by, we love not hearing highways, or cars ..well.. on a Saturday night in the summer we do hear the car races over in Monroe at the County Fairgrounds.. but that doesn't count!

In the spring we hear the frogs so loud from the pond out behind the house, that it drowns out all other evening noises.

When our mares were due to foal, we would put baby monitors in the barn, to listen for the straw rustling around if they were getting restless and about to foal. Because the frogs were so loud, at the time the mares were due, all that came across those monitors were guess who got to sleep in the barn.. that would be was that or making multiple trips to the barn in the middle of the night. Oh, those were long nights, especially with us both working full time as well!

We had as many as 8 horse at one time, weanling's, yearlings two year old's, broodmares ... I really thought of my older lady friends statement more than a few times during that period!

Now we have just "The Girls", and Buddy, the antique pony...which is a breeze compared to when the barn was overflowing.

In the summer we can listen to the coyotes at night way in the distance, and sit out on our deck with family and grand kids, and friends.. and have a fire in the outdoor fireplace, or a bonfire down behind the house ( to keep the men busy, they do like fires!) and just enjoy .. all of friends, the farm..all of it..

And when summer comes to an end, we always wish we had enjoyed even more of those evenings, even more than we had..

I really look forward to the days being longer and warmer, the sun shining, the flowers and tree's blooming, the horses shedding, and getting slick , and running in the fields, and the dogs having more time to be outside playing..... anytime.. I am ready, ready..
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  1. Sounds like where we live, except without the extra acres and horses! It's so peaceful and quiet in the evenings here - we hear the frogs and the trains in the distance. It's lovely in the evenings. :-)

  2. I am so ready too! I love all your trees, I wish we had more. Your place looks just beautiful and sounds so wonderful, you are blessed!

  3. It sounds like you all are right where you are meant to be:)

  4. Hello from France! What a lovely place you have there -with horses too! I had horses, at one time six, so know the work involved but that was quite a while ago. Being an animal lover , I still have three big dogs, and lots of land for them to romp on! I shall be back!

  5. What a beautiful, peaceful spot you have! Thanks for following my blog. I've signed up to follow yours too. Have a blessed day!

  6. Sounds beautiful. We just bought a new place in the woods, peaceful, quiet and away from it all. Can't wait to get out there!



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