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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Corgi's!!

I wanted to take some pictures on the first day of spring, because the weather was changing every five minutes. Pouring rain, clouds flying faster than airplanes, blowing wind, sunshine.. yes all of the above!

That's when I noticed all those little pieces of paper, everywhere, all over the ground..

Keep in mind I had recently been to "Frugal Chic Living" blog (I think it was there, yes it was her 3-11-2009 post!)..anyway, I took advantage of the website info for free business cards, including FedEx shipping, yes.. all for free!
So I create my little cards, and think, wow this is wonderful, I can't wait for them to be delivered!! fast forward to yesterday. So the dogs were out earlier that morning, and they were unusually quiet, and not begging to come back in...I should of known they were up to NO GOOD!

Bad Corgi's...yes, very bad Corgi's!!!

On the upper middle picture, you may be able to see small specks of white paper on the ground, oh yes.. they were everywhere..all wet, and some chewed much for my new cards.I have them all over my dining room table, drying off..
Again, I say..Bad Corgi's!!!

Click on the picture for a closer look!

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  1. Pictures looked kind of cool far away. I clicked on it for a closer look.... YIKES!

  2. Oh, bless your heart. What a mess and disappointment.

  3. Oh my lordy....bad corgi kids!!! What's a corgi mama to do? Your corgi kids look exactly like our Addie girl.

    I'd like to hear more about those free cards.

  4. I hope those little corgi's got a time out!

  5. Oh no! Bad corgis! It is never good when they are quiet is it!?

  6. Hi Jan,
    UBP hopping, stopped by to say hi. I used to live in Portland, not far from your neck of the woods. My Dad's family used to raise harness race horses in Maine. Give that corgi a scratch behind the ears for me, hee, hee. Take care...Cathy

  7. Rotten little Corgis, I learned a long time ago with these Bull Terriers of mine, they are like toddlers, when they are quiet, better go look. :)


  8. happy Ultimate Blog Party. You have some lovely photos and stories on your blog - I enjoyed my visit!


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