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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zoe..thats her barn name.. her registered name is "Nugget A Gold"

Family and Friends comments about Zoe, are usually along the lines of.....everyone loves Zoe!

She is 18 and has been our family member for 16 years. She is very well bred, not that that matters anymore. She is the other half of the Pasture Ornament "girls"

Zoe is about 14.1, she has cutting horse bloodlines on her sire's side, and her dam is more working cow horse. She is rarely ridden mostly because we just don't ride anymore. If we do want to ride it is like we do it everyday.. she is always ready and has never bucked or reared or done any of that silly stuff! She is nice and sound, and goes barefoot most of the time, we only shoe if we are intending to do some serious riding!

We have had 2 babies out of her, the first one was Bailey, a really nice Overo colored boy, who had the best personality of any horse I ever had, he was such a clown! His registered name is "Robin Fort Knox", and we sold him to some folks in Wisconsin. We have been told he has been the favorite in his barn.. how could he not be, he is Zoe's son, thought today he must be 12!

She also had a "lethal white" colt... this was a very sad day for all of us. They call them lethal white, because they are always all white.. which is the red flag when they are born. It was my worst nightmare when I looked at him, all brand new and beautiful, and knew what we were going to have to do.

A lethal white has a genetic condition that is a very painful death, He was humanely put down.. and we all cried and mourned for him...and never bred Zoe again.

Now paints can be tested for this gene, my other mare Betsy, is negative for it. At the time Zoe was bred they were just getting started on testing for it, and we did not know if she had the gene. If they do have it, the odd's were about 25% that it would happen.

We had a friend keeping her horse with us for a while.. and when her granddaughter was showing her mother around the farm, Ashley turned to her mother while my friend was walking through the pasture with them, and said "Don't pet the yellow horse" friend asked her why she said that to her mother, and Ashley turned to her mother and said "if you do you will fall in love with her, everyone does.."

We keep saying we are going to find her a really good home...but in the mean time.. we all will continue to love our little Zoe horse!

I just wanted to share a little about our little yellow horse that steals hearts, Zoe.

P.S... I forgot to mention one thing about our Zoe, she is deaf! Yep, can't hear anything. But if I didn't tell you she was deaf, you wouldn't know it... unless you shook a bucket of grain and she was sleeping, she would just keep on sleeping!

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful! I wish we could find (and afford!) a horse like her around here, we keep having kind of bad luck in that dept. The guy that sold us our first horse, Gunner, lied to us about him (we were newbies and he took advantage) and he told us he was "bombproof" that kids had ridden him bareback, etc... well we can get him all saddled up and then as soon as we try to ride him he takes off or tries to get you off. He is also super spooky. So yeah...he needs some work :-/


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