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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Gym finally opened..

I work for a company that has on site gyms on most of the company campus's throughout the U.S. I have worked in the same building since 1991, and we finally got our really fancy new gym.. and the benefit of our office having the newest gym, is everything is brand new!

They had the "ribbon cutting" last Tuesday they even had a real ribbon! And it officially opened for business on Wednesday, unfortunately it is only open 6AM to 7PM M-F.

I have gone every day they have been open, as I quit my old gym last summer, and have been patiently waiting(and putting on a pound,and another pound, etc) for our new gym!

Because I am still trying to get in the overtime, I will work an hour overtime after my shift, and than go to the gym for an hour. It sure feels good to leave work after being at the gym..

We have really fancy treadmills, someone said they found out what kind they use on the Biggest Loser, and got those. Really fancy Elliptical's, the TV's, to watch while working out, and free headsets, to keep. Weights, and weight machines, cable machine, leg press's and spinning bikes, and THREE on site personal as part of the gym! Just book a session, and than you can book the next session..ain't that just to cool!

Oh, believe me, they know what they are doing. I work for a company where you sit in front of a computer, on your fanny all day. It is to the companies advantage to keep us as healthy as they can, cheaper than people going out on disabilities, and medical claims.

The first month is free, after that it is one $15.00 payment that is taken out of the second paycheck of the month.

Pretty soon I'll be so buff, that people will think I am only 55! You never know, I may still do that Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon yet!!

PS..notice the handle on my gym bag looks a little chewed up... that is a little
reminder that I used to have the Roscoe dog!

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  1. What a great perk! Hang onto that job.

  2. How sweet to have a little Roscoe reminder. :)

  3. Good bag....... thanks for sharing.....

  4. What a nice benefit to have at your job! Good luck with the exercise routine!


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