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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vegas Baby!

This picture is from .. Vegas.. yeah.. Vegas baby!

My mom lives in Vegas part of the I sometimes get to sneak down to visit and get some SUN.. we all need our vitamin D you know..

When I am there... in the sun, it feels so good.. everything is so NOT Washington. The sun shines, like every day! Here it shine's .. well let me think.. does it shine here? OK, I have to admit, the sun is shining all the time here..on the other side of those gray clouds overhead.

Their "mountains" are these funny hills with no trees, and I love the way they call them mountains! And the coyotes and jack rabbits with the long ears and those cute little cotton tailed rabbits, just wander through the back yard(not a yard like in Washington, either!).Oh.. how bout a roadrunner, yeah the bird like in the cartoons? They will run through her backyard too! You will not see roadrunners in Washington, nope, nada, won't happen.

Vegas is a great place to fly into, and than drive on to somewhere else. We drove to Williams, Arizona - "Gateway to the Grand Canyon." My mom and sis and I rode the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon, it really isn't that far.. and how cool is that handiwork of God, it is like, WOW..really something. Oh, if you have the opportunity to ride the old train to the canyon..the kids will love it..

..dare I mention real train robbers on horseback!!!!

Yes, I love Vegas, but not for the reason others may really like Vegas..
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  1. TRAIN ROBBERS!? lol. I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. This is such a great place this blog world. I know that there are bad thing on the internet. I have only seen the good. For this I am thankful.

    I like spending time in Las Vegas too, I lived there for awhile you know.


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