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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Frugal shopping .. treasures waiting to be found..

I just have to share my great "finds" from yesterday, after I left work. I will start at the beginning..

I was at my 85 year old Mom's on Thursday.. and she had some old cook books that she asked me to drop off at "Value Village" for her..(who uses cookbooks anymore when you have the Internet, and all the wonderful recipes you Blogger's who cook share with us anyway, right?!)

So yesterday after work, I take a bag of her old books to the "Drop Off Donations" door and the guy gives me a 20% discount coupon to use in the store. This is my lucky day, let me tell you!

If you do not have a Value Village, you probably have something like it, you know what I mean! The one I like to go to always is always clean and organized.

On the Seattle "Eastside" there are lots of nice big name stores, and many people seem to end up with something from those many nice stores that they don't wear, don't like, or most likely it just doesn't fit.. so off it goes to 'charity donation" and ..DA DA, I get to buy it at Value Village for a tiny fraction of the original cost!

I felt like I hit the jackpot at the Casino, I was finding great stuff everywhere I turned:
  • BRAND NEW black pants from Talbot's, ...$6.99 (I love these pants!)
  • Ralph Loren Polo Jeans (cute red stitching down the sides).BRAND NEW $6.99
  • Gap Jeans..NEW ..yellow tag 1/2 off that from $6.99 to $3.50!
  • Cute lightweight reversible "PING" ladies golf vest, brown on one side, plaid on the other $6.99 . Yes, it looks brand new!
  • Fancy smancy "AGSI" cool white leather shoes (I Google'd, and they run about $140.00)..$4.99, like new!
  • Made in Italy "Massimo" summer shoes..(cute polka dots!) $4.99, did I mention they are NEW!
  • 2 pair of Franco Sarto leather, and maroon..$6.99 each, not new, but do not look worn at all!
  • 2 of my favorite color (green) tops, one is a Lands End tank top..$3.99 , the other a REI sleeveless with yellow tag.. so 1/2 off $4.99..reduced to $2.50!
  • Finally last, but certainly not least.. a very cool NEW Grayish black REI fleece jacket, with these cute turn up cuff's, so cute cute cute..$14.99!
(click on Picture for closer look!)

Keep in mind, these were not the final prices, as I also got 20% off all of it, heard me, all of this for about $55.00, before our outrageously high sales taxes of course!

My friend at work, has a Goodwill that she goes to, and finds lots of good stuff at. She just recently found a really cool new designer belt, with lot's of BLING.. she paid $9.99, and when she got home she checked on EBay to see what she could find out (as
she knew it was a really good belt.)..similar belt, same brand the $300.00 range!

Well, I think I will get my act together now, and trot in to work a bit of overtime..(my company has had open overtime in my department for months). After all, I am following Dave Ramsey's credit card use, pay off bills as fast as you can, and make as much money as you can, when you can, to do this! He calls it "living like no one else", so later you can really " Live Like No One Else"!

I feel I can justify my purchase's here.. he says you have to wear clothes!

Overtime is calling, you all have a great weekend..I will be browsing through your Blogs later today!


  1. I never find anything good at Goodwill or consignment shops. Good job on your amazing finds!

  2. Awesome! Around here I love Goodwill and Once Upon a Child, have found some great stuff, way to go! And way to go working overtime so you can "Live Like No One Else!" I love Dave, now if only he could influence our governments spending habits... =)

  3. SCORE! Wish your shoes would fit me, they just might disappear from your closet!


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