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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ear's to you..Corgi Ear's that is!

Our dog Oscar has Large ear's..I mean LARGE ears..they just look like two big sails on his head, tossing him to and fro, sweeping him which ever way the wind blows..

And of course he has very good hearing, if you open a kitchen cupboard or even sneak into the kitchen, he is there..staring at you. He can look very intently at you..if he had that little "balloon thing" over his head, like in the cartoons.. his Corgi "voice" thoughts appear to be something like this:

What are you getting.. is it for me?.. Is it food? ..Can I have it anyway?..please..I will eat it..I promise..don't let Milli have it.. I was here first.. I am bigger than not Randy either.. me .. just me.. I will sit up.. look.. I am sitting up..just put it here.. OK, I will come to you..come on..come on..I am waiting..can't you see I'm waiting??
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  1. How cute... and too funny about the hearing. I guess it's logical to assume the first one in the kitchen gets a treat!


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